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nChain’s Luka Topolovec on ComplexCon Hong Kong app: We took the focus off blockchain and into the user experience

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For blockchain to go mainstream, developers must shift the focus from groundbreaking technology to user experience. This is what nChain did with the ComplexCon Hong Kong app, and it was a massive success, according to Luka Topolovec.

Topolovec is the Head of the Delivery Factory at the London-based global tech firm, where he oversees “the development teams building various unique products, such as mobile apps and web platforms.”

Topolovec was part of the nChain team that developed the mobile app for ComplexCon Hong Kong. Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage at the event, he revealed that it was the first time the team had taken on such a Herculean task, but it was a great success.

Unlike other product launches, events have strict deadlines that can’t be postponed. This forced Topolovec and his team to work round the clock to develop the app and stress-test it to ensure it didn’t crack under pressure once thousands started using it to access the venue.

At nChain, the focus has been on integrating blockchain into the underlying architecture of apps, platforms and networks in a way that deflects the spotlight from the technology, Topolovec told CoinGeek Backstage.

“Our aim is to be as simple as possible and to hide all the complexity for the user…the same way they would use any other app. They don’t see the blockchain at all. It’s about taking the focus from the technology and into the user experience and being effective.”

One unique feature was that users could scan their tickets into digital collectibles, which they could use to earn points at ComplexCon Hong Kong and in future events where the app will be used.

For the nChain team, the app was a landmark achievement, added Topolovec. Months of hard work paid dividends, and “luckily, we didn’t have any problems at all…we were able to onboard a lot of users in a really short time, and they all had a great experience.”

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