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nChain’s Dr. Owen Vaughan talks intersection of AI and blockchain at the IEEE COINS Conference

The IEEE COINS Conference in Berlin lived up to the hype, bringing together experts in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), IPv6, big data, and other emerging technologies. nChain Chief Science Officer – Licensing Dr. Owen Vaughan talked to CoinGeek Backstage about the event and how all these diverse technologies complement each other.

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While the name can be misleading, the IEEE COINS conference had nothing to do with blockchain tokens. The ‘COINS’ in the name stands for “Conference on Omni-Layer Intelligent Systems,” Vaughan explained to CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero.

AI has all the hype globally, and the speakers and panelists at IEEE COINS delved into the technology and how it is set to impact humanity. One of the panelists drew parallels between Bitcoin and money and AI and consciousness in that both are challenging our long-held perspectives.

The debate at the event centered around just how good AI can get—will AI keep getting better in direct relation to the amount of computing power we assign it, or is there a limit? For one of the panelists—ZeMing Gao of Toolots Inc.—consciousness is a matter of ‘fundamental ontology.’

“For him, it doesn’t matter how much computer power we have; AI will never replace human consciousness,” Vaughan stated.

While blockchain once had all the hype, AI has taken the spotlight. For Vaughan, it doesn’t matter which technology grabs all the headlines; “they are both not going anywhere.”

Enterprise blockchain powerhouse nChain is looking into AI, Vaughan confirmed. However, its focus remains on blockchain technology, and its research in AI will be limited to its intersection with blockchain:

“If you can become interested and upskill yourself in both technologies, you’re in a very good position.”

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