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nChain CEO Hakan Yuksel: We’re going beyond research and building the Bitcoin vision

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nChain has grown to become one of the world’s largest enterprise blockchain firms, and as CEO Hakan Yuksel told CoinGeek Backstage, the firm is now moving beyond research and is striving to make Satoshi’s vision a reality.

Yuksel joined CoinGeek Backstage host Becky Liggero in Morocco during the Global IEEE 5G-IoT Blockchain Summit, held at the International University of Rabat. “In my role, I’m creating a company that will really build the [Satoshi] vision. nChain has been around for some time, [and done] a lot of R&D work, but now it’s about creating the quality, the skills and the culture. We’re moving beyond R&D and building applications that will be used by industries,” Yuksel stated.

Yuksel took over as the nChain CEO in October 2021, taking over from his predecessor David Washburn with a pledge to “broaden adoption of the BSV blockchain and drive the market for enterprise solutions.” He previously served for over two decades with enterprise-grade global software providers, including Oracle and SAP.

In Rabat, Dr. Wright and the other guests spoke in detail about blockchain, IPv6, and the fusion of the two to a receptive audience, many of whom were students at the university. 

Yuksel admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by how interested and knowledgeable the students were on blockchain and IPv6. 

“They want to learn new technology and keep it possibly in their own country. It’s wonderful to see their curiosity. The questions we got on blockchain were surprising. They challenged us on all types of protocols, speed, latency and more. We need this new generation,” he said.

Morocco is slowly moving from its strict anti-Bitcoin stance and is gradually opening up to digital assets and blockchain technology. As CoinGeek reported, the country’s central bank is now working with the IMF and the World Bank on digital currency regulations. Yuksel believes that the young minds who have a good grasp of blockchain, such as the students at the University of Rabat, will play a key role in educating the regulators on how best to navigate the line between investor protection and stifling innovations. 

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YouTube video

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