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‘More extensive’ DotCamp 2 for BSV happening in China’s Fuzhou City

The second edition of the DotCamp for BSV 2020 will be held on September 19 and 20, bringing together developers and business executives from within the Bitcoin SV community and beyond. The event will be hosted by Bitcoin Association and DotWallet.

DotCamp 2 comes nine months after the first edition was held in January 2020. The inaugural event was a huge success, bringing together BSV developers and local partners, Lin Zheming told CoinGeek. Lin, who is the founder and CEO of DotWallet, said the upcoming DotCamp 2 event promises to be bigger and better.

“DotCamp 2 is more extensive and more focused on recent developments, and since we want to bring in more IT companies, we have to set up more introductions for them to understand Bitcoin better. However, despite being bigger, the event will still cater to all BSV enthusiasts. We will organize small workshops in specific topics (like UTXO tokens, SPV),” Lin said.

The Bitcoin BSV community has witnessed rapid growth in the first half of 2020, Lin added. This event—the first on-site Bitcoin event since the global lockdown brought by COVID-19 pandemic—will give the developers an opportunity to learn more about these new developments and tools and how they can use them to build better and more efficient applications on the massively scalable Bitcoin SV blockchain, he told CoinGeek. It will also bring onboard more local software developers who will get to learn about how they can use the Bitcoin SV blockchain to solve various challenges.

Bitcoin Association will co-host the event in line with its vision of advancing business with BSV. Bitcoin Association China Manager Lise Li said, “The 2nd DotCamp will focus both on business and development, because many Chinese entrepreneurs would love to learn the cutting-edge technology and it’s a good time to communicate with those true blockchain innovators.”

Speaking to CoinGeek, she stressed the importance of the event, stating, “This is the first on-site conference we’ve held since the CoVID-19 outbreak, but Bitcoin SV ecosystem is expanding faster than everyone could imagine, we expect over 120 attendees, and hopefully to run more events later this year so that we could educate Chinese developers and enterprises.”

DotCamp 2 for BSV will be held at the Crowne Plaza Fuzhou Riverside in Fuzhou City, China. You can register now for free and book your spot here.

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