Mijem integrates with HandCash to enable micropayments for students

The BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai this past May represented a tipping point in the BSV blockchain ecosystem. Since then, the activity within the space—both from an enterprise and startup level—is buzzing, with partnerships such as the Mijem integration with HandCash still hitting the wires.

For those who don’t know, Mijem is a “community marketplace app” for students that enables safe connectivity and sustainable living. Users can buy and sell goods, find roommates, share rides, find tutors and more.

“We have been involved in the BSV world for a while now and have always been aware of the fact that BSV is the best cryptocurrency for micropayments,” Laurie Freudenberg, CEO of Mijem, told CoinGeek.

“We met HandCash at the BSV Global Blockchain in Dubai and felt that they had developed a wallet that would work well for our users,” she revealed.

Freudenberg described working with the HandCash team as a “pleasure” and expressed her gratitude for how available they were to support the few technical questions they had along the way.

“The integration process was very straightforward for both the developer integration side and the app Connect button to allow us to send coins to users,” she confirmed.

“While our developers already have experience working with Bitcoin and blockchain, there was no need to be familiar with the inner workings as HandCash handles that for us,” Freudenberg added.

The feelings between the Mijem and HandCash teams were mutual, with Alex Agut, CEO of HandCash having nothing but positive things to say about Mijem.

“The integration has been very straightforward. They told us what they needed, we gave them the tools, and everything went smoothly,” he said. “Things are progressing nicely and we still aim for late summer for the launch of both.”

While there are more features in the pipeline, Mijem’s integration with HandCash already boosts the user experience and Freudenberg is particularly excited about two of the current features: the ease of quickly creating a digital wallet and converting loyalty points earned on Mijem into BSV and the ability to connect that wallet to a broader network of BSV apps and games via the HandCash app ecosystem.

“The team at Mijem is very ambitious in terms of what they want to do with this new way of handling money online,” Agut confirmed.

“They already have a marketplace and rewards in place, but I know it won’t stop there. Seems like the more they understand how many limitations we remove from traditional payment systems, the more ideas for monetisation they have!” he added.

The Mijem platform itself targets college and university students, an age bracket currently falling in the “Gen Z” category. Gen Z is notorious for believing in the future of digital currencies, in fact, many have already dabbled in “cryptocurrency” trading. However, Freudenberg makes the point that Mijem users are also interested in environmental sustainability and therefore will appreciate BSV’s unique efficiency.

“Environmental sustainability is a key concern for our audience and even if they aren’t using crypto, they’re very aware of its impact on the planet. It’s one of the reasons why Mijem chose to provide a BSV loyalty program on our community buy & sell platform,” Freudenberg said.

“Proof-of-work mining uses an immense amount of energy, with most of that energy coming from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum,” she said.

“While still a crypto, BSV blockchain’s larger block size and ability to process more transactions more quickly means that we are able to offer our users a more environmentally friendly cryptocurrency option which is important to them,” she added.

The Mijem integration with the HandCash wallet is big news for users and it’s also a sign of “non-crypto” companies warming up to BSV-powered technology such as HandCash, so long as these companies are promised total abstraction.

“In the end, companies love the ability of streaming money and being able to monetise through nanopayments, ‘pay-as-you-go’ schemes—but they don’t want their users to learn any complicated nerdy stuff to get the benefits,” Agut explained.

“HandCash offers real world businesses a ready-made payments system that allows all parties involved to earn money live. By the cent, by the second,” he said.

Freudenberg added, “We love working with partners who have a vision and are great to work with. Based on our experience with HandCash so far, we look forward to hearing about future developments that may bring additional value to our users.”

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