Holiday greeting from Coingeek

Happy holidays from all of us at CoinGeek

Happy holidays from all of us at CoinGeek!

It’s that time of the year once again—Christmas is upon us, and with it, a fun-filled festive season as we march towards the New Year.

As you spend time with your friends, family, and loved ones and indulge in all the other merry activities, this is a great time to reflect on the year that has been and think about what the upcoming year will bring.

2021 has had its fair share of challenges. We learned to live in a new reality defined by face masks, endless handwashing and sanitizing, quarantine, lockdowns, virtual meetings and events, and a lot of Netflix.

However, through the challenges, it has been a great year for Bitcoin. 2021 saved the best for last, with the trial of the century taking place towards the end of the year. The Kleiman v Wright trial put the original Bitcoin (BSV) at the heart of the digital currency industry. It also shined the spotlight on Satoshi Nakamoto as he defended his legacy against Ira Kleiman, brother of the late David Kleiman who helped Dr. Craig Wright with the editing of the Bitcoin white paper.

All the attention turned to Miami, where the jury sided with Dr. Wright on all but one count—conversion, in which the jury found that Dr. Wright had wrongfully exercised control over the property of W&K Info Defense Research LLC. For this, they awarded $100 million to W&K and not the estate of Dave Kleiman, and Dr. Wright walked out of the courthouse the biggest winner in this civil litigation. The second biggest winner was his ex-wife Lynn Wright who owns 75% of W&K.

However, 2021 isn’t only about the trial of the century. This year had two massively successful CoinGeek Conferences—the first in June in Zurich and the second in October in New York. Despite the lockdowns, especially in the extremely-strict New York, the conferences were well attended, and the sessions were as insightful, engaging, and fiery as ever.

Developers on Bitcoin SV were churning out applications at a higher rate than ever before. This year saw apps such as Haste launch and shoot up in popularity. NFTs landed on Bitcoin SV, with tokenization taking root as the number of token protocols shot up significantly. Bitcoin SV continued to outperform other networks massively. On many days, it processed more transactions than all the other blockchain networks combined as the BSV community focused on building as everyone else speculated on price.

2022 looks set to be even bigger, with the number of applications, developers, and users of Bitcoin SV rising with each new day. With the trial of the century has brought even more attention to BSV and introduced it to the corners of the industry where it has been blacklisted for years. The only way for Bitcoin is up in the coming year.

BSV blockchain events will continue to bring together the Bitcoin community so we can reflect on our progress and deliberate on what the future holds. The first will be in March in Dubai, the first time the event goes to the Middle East.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy New Year ahead! I hope 2022 proves to be your best year yet.

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