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Melissa Richelle with Women of BSV: BSV is like a lighthouse

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Standup comedian and blockchain educator Melissa Richelle was featured on Women of BSV, where she told jokes about Bitcoin, pointed out facts of BSV, and more. In addition to investing in real estate, Richelle has spent years studying digital currency at the Blockchain Institute.

“You can use BSV as the backend of your business, and you don’t have to pay for servers. You cannot do that with ETH,” Richelle said. She also makes a nerdy reference to Duro Dogs, saying, “We have puppies on Metaverse; we don’t need Kitties on ETH.”

Recounting memories of her introduction to the digital currency space, Richelle noted the many “smart people” she met on Twitter and Twetch, and said she’s keenly waiting for the mobile version of Twetch, so it becomes more engaging.

Richelle noted we need more people to understand coding without telling everyone it is BSV. “Show them the use case and tell them how it works. I want debit cards to integrate BSV instead of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core. You put core on these cards; it is going to be a lot of fees,” she said.

Richelle, who previously performed at Bitcoins Got Talent, said: “BSV is like a giant group project—an improv show we are all working on together. We can all step back while others add their ‘punchline’ (build their products). However, if you build on Ethereum, you are competing against all tokens that are on ETH. BSV, on the other hand, is a community that has a solid foundation and is more grounded, where everyone is using the same unit of account.”

Referring to coin mixing services, Richelle quoted Dr. Craig Wright saying that when people do coin mixing, they are providing anonymization service to each other, which implicates them potentially in a crime, but with Bitcoin SV, you get anonymity. You get complete privacy by creating a new address every time you do a new transaction. Wallets are built to give you privacy in BSV without falling foul of any laws.

“BSV is also a pseudo-anonymous blockchain like BCH and Bitcoin Core, but the difference between three chains is that BSV allows for microtransactions at a reasonable and affordable rate, but Bitcoin Core does not,” Richelle explained.

Richelle closed the interview with these words: “BSV is like a lighthouse. This community is diverse, and it is such a good idea. You don’t need a university, you just need a good idea, and everyone will gather around it.”

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YouTube video

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