Twetch’s Josh Petty joins Bitcoin’s Got Talent judge panel for episode 2

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Bitcoin’s Got Talent episode two has just been released—and Josh Petty one of the creators of Twetch, aka Coin Yeezy, aka Elon Moist, is the guest judge.

In episode 2 of Bitcoin’s Got Talent (BGT), Marcus McMahon, Melissa Richelle, and Aaron (@BSVguru) pitch and present their business plans—and comedy sets—that revolve around Bitcoin.

The episode opens with Marcus McMahon, who pitches his business idea for the company he is building, ‘LetZwap.’ LetZwap facilitates the swapping of goods and services over the Bitcoin ledger. What’s interesting about LetZwap is it resembles a trade and barter system more than it resembles a fiat currency economy. Users can trade items for other items and can top up a trade with BSV or fiat if they believe the barter is undervalued.

After McMahon pitches LetZwap, Melissa Richelle takes the (virtual stage) and does stand-up comedy that revolves around blockchain technology. Richelle’s comedy set is really enjoyable and is a nice change of pace. Richelle’s comedy is a reminder that Bitcoin can be much more than sitting behind a computer and creating software, or wearing a suit and growing a business. It shows that there are artistic and cultural aspects to the industry as well, and although they are often looked over, the art and culture are just as important as the business side of the industry.

And the last pitch of episode two is given by Aaron, who pitches the platform he is building, ‘’ HashBet is an iGaming platform that solves some of the problems that legacy gambling sites have; such as the odds being stacked against the user and issues regarding winners not being paid. Aaron even had a HashBet proof-of-concept that was up and running, but when the genesis protocol update took place his previous work reached an impasse. That being said, Aaron used the BGT platform to reach out to any prospective developers who are interested in helping him bring HashBet to fruition. This is something that we have never seen any of the contestants on BGT do before.

“I got to say,” said Jack Liu after Aaron presented, “I would love our show to be a little bit more than, ‘Great presentation, yes, moving on or not.’ I want us to be able to be a resource to help you find [a team] and help be a matchmaker. So if you’re a developer out there, there is talent here and there.”

BGT can serve as a resource for any developer who is looking to join a Bitcoin project, and Aaron’s pitch serves as a great example of that.

Episode two of Bitcoin’s Got Talent is the very first episode where the judges kill a contestant’s chance at moving to the next round. It is also the first episode in which one of the judges offers to make an angel investment into one of the projects pitched. You are going to have to watch episode two to find out who gets sent home and who gets some funding!

You can watch episode two of Bitcoin’s Got Talent on the Bitcoin’s Got Talent Youtube channel, and if you are interested in appearing on Bitcoin’s Got Talent, applications are open and you can apply to be on the show here.

If you missed episode one of Bitcoin’s Got talent, you can watch it here:

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