Michael Hudson and Daniel Krawisz for ‘Bitcoin’s past, present & future’ on Bitstocks podcast

MatterPool founder Daniel Krawisz talks ‘Bitcoin’s past, present & future’ on Bitstocks podcast

Daniel Krawisz, founder of Bitcoin Content Delivery Network (CDN), BitcoinFiles and Bitcoin service provider MatterPool, was the latest guest on the Bitstocks podcast.

In Bitstocks Podcast Ep. 35 “Bitcoin’s Past, Present & Future,” the conversation between Bitstocks CEO Michael Hudson and Krawisz contains several analogies to nature and how things play out in the animal kingdom, which ties back to their discussion that revolves heavily around proof-of-work, economics, and social economics.

“I believe that economics is real, and I take it really seriously,” said Krawisz, “and I just feel like I’ve had a hard time finding other people who believe that it is real to the same degree that I have.” 

Krawisz founded MatterPool, a mining pool and capitalistic business that only mines BSV. MatterPool has birthed Bitcoinfiles.org as well as BoostPOW, a system that Krawisz is using as an upvote system over at BoostPOW.com.

“Proof-of-work is a handicap, and a handicap is provable waste, and handicaps are the only reliable signal of fitness when there’s a potential for deception,” said Krawisz. 

“I think that there are many applications for signaling fitness, so what I’m using Boost for is an upvote system. We can use proof-of-work as an upvote, to make something that isn’t easily gamed and actually is meaningful. When we use proof-of-work as an upvote system [BoostPow], the content that gets upvoted is more likely to be relevant.”

Krawisz and Hudson go on to discuss how proof-of-work plays a role in the economy and the social economy, as well as how proof-of-work is used in various scenarios, such as in the different blockchain networks and their supporters.

As Hudson says, Krawisz has been a formidable figure in the Bitcoin space for quite some time and is someone who has cultivated a following around his opinions. He is also a philosopher and holistic thinker, and he is building products that have launched and that people are using today.

Krawisz may be one of the most interesting people in Bitcoin and to learn more about how he got involved in Bitcoin, the products he is building over at MatterPool, as well as how he views the worlds different economies and social economies, then you are going to want to watch episode 35 of the Bitstocks podcast.

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