Markets slump again as BTC drops below $9,000

Markets slump again as BTC drops below $9,000

After a relatively quiet morning in which only EOS experienced steep losses, the cryptocurrency markets experienced a considerable downturn on Monday evening and Tuesday morning. All major currencies were down with BTC experiencing another drop to below the $9,000 mark after having briefly flirted with $9,500 over the weekend. This had a corresponding negative effect on all major cryptocurrencies, which experienced drops in the values by around 5-10% in some cases.

Bitcoin Cash was down by around 6% after having superseded the $1,400 mark on Monday—it fell to below the $1,300 mark on Tuesday morning and was looking to drop deeper as selling pressure took hold. Ethereum also experienced a slight loss although this was not very marked and was trading at around $650 on Tuesday morning, with those levels appeared to be well supported. Its sister currency Ethereum Classic was also slightly down but had recovered considerably from its earlier lows in the past days, so was still well supported at the $21 mark.

Ripple had another disappointing day and lost the psychologically significant $0.80 level by dropping below that slightly to $0.79. The cryptocurrency had been playing around at the mid $0.85-0.90 levels, but Monday evening saw a steep drop of over 6% which was above the market movement. There appears to be good support in the $0.70-0.75 levels however, so there should not be cause for panic on investor’s part. Litecoin dipped well below the $150 mark on low volumes and there appears to be little appetite for a push in this currency at least for this week.

Of the currencies with smaller market caps, it was a mixed bag. EOS lost most of the gains it made over the weekend, dipping by around 16% as selling pressure took place although that was anticipated. NEO also lost some of the gains it made on Sunday and was down by about 10% overall at around $80. Stellar Lumens was perhaps the currency which held its own the best, with only a 3% drop and was trading at $0.42 at press time. Dash appeared to be losing support at the $480-490 level and was down by around 5% overall trading at $450 with a push towards the $50 mark appearing rather remote, at least for the next 24-48 hours.

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