Lise Li on the Bitcoin Association progress: ‘We’re on the right road’

There’s no doubt that the Bitcoin Association had an incredible first year, signing up over 1,000 members and pushing the business case for Bitcoin SV (BSV) all over the world. A crucial individual in that effort was Lise Li, China Manager of the Bitcoin Association, who led the effort in the world’s most populous country and achieved so much success. We reached out to find out more about this talented woman, and how she’s helping China to see the utility in unlimited scaling.

Li brings a wealth of experience in business, and specifically payments, to the Bitcoin Association team. ”I’ve been in E-commerce industry for eight years before I joined the Bitcoin industry,” she told us. “I used to run my own business, that’s why I know it’s not easy to start from scratch. As the first China Manager of Bitcoin Association, it puts me in the same situation again. I love the challenge and I also believe the bright future of Bitcoin technology.”

But before you can push BSV as the future of business, you need some experience with Bitcoin. Thankfully, Li has that in her resume. “I used to work for a Bitcoin mining pool [Rawpool] as Chief Operating Officer before I joined Bitcoin Association,” she said. “I learned Bitcoin technology and economic model through the mining business.”

China has quickly become one of the countries latching on most to what BSV has to offer, and Li credits that to the country’s ability to innovate. “China is one of the most innovative countries in the world during the past decade,” she said. “I’m happy to see many developers and entrepreneurs who have great vision started their projects on BSV and they warmly embrace and truly believe in Bitcoin technology. Even though most of the current BSV applications are startups and pilot projects, they showed the world the power of BSV and inspired people to think how they could leverage Bitcoin technology to change the world. We can definitely expect more BSV use cases this year!”

The coronavirus pandemic currently rocking the world is hard to ignore, and that’s especially true for China. Li admits that it has changed the Bitcoin Association’s plans for 2020, but that a lot of good can still get done.

“Covid-19 changed lots of our original plans, that means we have to run most events and programs online,” she said. “It’s challenging. However, it’s also a good time to learn. Bitcoin Association is going to run several developers programs globally, and I will do localized programs (in Chinese language) as well. We’re going to launch a BSV blockchain developers zone on, the biggest developers community in China, we will do webinars, wiki campaign with CSDN, and even training courses later this year. Most of all, BSV Shanghai Devcon will be held in August. I believe thousands of Chinese developers will benefit from Bitcoin Association’s various programs. Other than that, we’ll keep improving BSV Chinese content and will continue sponsoring local meetups and events either online or on-site.”

Even with the hurdles set before her and the BSV community, Li predicts great things ahead. When we asked what she’s excited about for 2020, she replied, “Tremendous amount of transactions and BSV widely adopted by business around the world. I know it’s still a long way to go, but we’re on the right road. I feel honored to work on this great cause with our brilliant team members of Bitcoin Association and all the BSV pioneers.”

Read the full Bitcoin Association Annual Report here.

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