Lise Li talks Bitcoin SV’s rapid growth in China

YouTube video

The rise of Bitcoin SV (BSV) as a development protocol is of increasing interest to China’s blockchain community. The first BSV Roadtrip stopped off in Beijing, China, where some of the most exciting development work is already underway.

CoinGeek spoke exclusively to Lise Li, China Manager of the Bitcoin Association, who discussed the rapid embrace of BSV as a development tool in the country, which is already delivering some exciting new innovations.

Li said the country was already seeing a substantial lift in the number and quality of projects being developed for BSV. She said the purpose of the event was to show Bitcoin as much more than just a cryptocurrency.

BSV is effective and efficient for payments, including international payments, with its fast settlement times and low transaction costs. But crucially, the huge block size means it is the ideal protocol for developers building apps around blockchain microtransactions.

Li said the event was setup to give developers the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most significant players in the cryptocurrency world, including Bitcoin founder Dr. Craig Wright, who presented at the event in Beijing.

He was joined by Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the BItcoin Association, in presenting the event, which drew crowds of developers from across China and the wider region.

Li said BSV was proving a particular hit among China’s highly educated developer population. She told CoinGeek the sheer pace of development in China was already delivering the goods, with a number of exciting projects already in the works.

Li said a number of developers were exploring ideas and asking for her advice on their BSV developments, which she predicted would continue to lead the way in innovation within the global BSV ecosystem.

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