Only one week to go before the CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

Less than a week to go before the CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali

The CambrianSV Bootcamp in Bali is almost here! The eagerly anticipated first of its kind Proof of Work Bitcoin SV (BSV) Developers Bootcamp kicks off on August 30, and the excitement is palpable. The seven-day bootcamp will bring together some of the most talented BSV developers to learn from each other and develop the next crop of transformative decentralized applications.

Bitcoin SV has been the blockchain network of choice for developers across the world, enabling them to create applications that can scale massively to accommodate user needs. BSV developers have created applications that have challenged the titans in every other sector, from social media to identity verification.

And come August 30, these developers will gather in Bali, Indonesia, to work together and further their development. CambrianSV, organized by RelayX in partnership with Bitcoin Association, seeks to enable the developers to build the society of tomorrow, together.

CambrianSV will focus on the application layer of the Bitcoin SV stack, Ella Qiang from RelayX told CoinGeek. The best way to foster real growth is by enabling developers to build better products that can compete with the current systems, using Bitcoin SV as the backend, according to Qiang.

She added, “Developers will get a direct look into the tools available on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and collaborate with the brightest minds to create the best applications. All participating teams should leave with a finished product that is generating on-chain transactions.”

Some of the teams that will participate in the bootcamp include TonicPow from the U.S., the peer-to-peer advertising platform powered by BSV; Legally Chained from the Netherlands, the onchain identity platform that enables users to verify their identities and sign documents; Agora from Italy, the homepage for the Metanet; and U.S.-based Twetch, the BSV-powered social media application.

The winner of the inaugural BSV Virtual Hackathon UptimeSV, a crowdsourced uptime monitoring and network intelligence for enterprise systems will also attend, as will RateSV from Japan, a platform that allows the flow of data between the blockchain and the real world; U.S.-based GearSV; a smart contracts platform for Bitcoin; and Open Directory, a platform that allows its users to earn by organizing the BSV blockchain.

Other teams that will attend include Metadomain from China, Bitpocket from Scotland, Bitmesh from China, Streamanity from India and Mempool from China.

The organizers aim to foster cooperation between the teams, with the ultimate goal of boosting onchain transactions. Qiang told CoinGeek, “We as the organizers are aiming at creating an open environment where various projects will share their experiences, goals, and challenges of developing Bitcoin enabled products and services. We are looking to encourage collaboration among projects so that each one will compete better onchain.”

Some of the notable speakers who will attend the bootcamp include members from the Bitcoin Association, HandCash and RelayX. Bitcoin creator Dr. Craig S. Wright will join the event via video chat.

To learn more about the upcoming CambrianSV BSV Developer Bootcamp, check out the official website.

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