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‘laMint Gold’ offers exclusive rewards to high-profile social content creators

Multimedia social network laMint is pushing to onboard more influencers with large followings. The app, which pays users for likes, follows, and views for exclusive content, this month launched “laMint Gold.” This status, limited to a select group, grants special privileges like free video content posting, personalized listings in the main “categories” section, and a gold checkmark status badge.

laMint should be familiar to anyone who’s used any other social network where the focus is on visual content. Most posts are either images or videos, though the app also supports podcasts and written articles. The big difference, and laMint’s main selling point, is that it pays out creators in real-time every time another user interacts with their content. Since it’s built on the BSV blockchain, payments of any size go out instantly, whether it’s $100 or a few cents.

This is a huge opportunity for creators who’ve slaved away for years on large corporate platforms like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat or TikTok—building a huge network of loyal followers but finding themselves with few ways to actually earn income from their work.

With laMint, the platform itself pays you a share of the income. On “traditional” social networks, the platform rides on your back for free and keeps all the money from the traffic you generate for them. If you want to receive any money yourself, you’ll have to find your own sponsors… somehow.

“laMint strives to establish itself as the premier earnings tool for content creators, offering a swift and seamless platform to promptly monetize more of their content through the incredible power of instant micropayments. We want to empower creators by maximizing their earnings potential with a revolutionary tool unlike anything they’ve used before,” laMint Co-Founder and CEO Daniel Street said.

To find information and an application for laMint Gold, click the “explore” button in the main menu. It’s there next to the app’s list of popular categories, including Podcasts, Travel, Fashion, Models, Photography, Gaming, Fitness, Food, Art, Lifestyle and Beauty.

To obtain the coveted Gold status, you’ll have to prove you’re serious about social media content creation. It also helps to be internet-famous. laMint asks for your handle on other platforms, and how many followers you have there. Priority will likely go to users with larger follower counts; the minimum is 1,000 and there’s section for creators with 500,000 followers or more.

Ordinary users receive US$0.05 for Likes and $0.10 for new followers. Users can set “Pay2View” content that remains hidden until the viewer makes a payment. For photos, text and videos Pay2View can be set anywhere from 5 cents to $10, or for particularly useful Tips (advice posts), from 10 cents to $100. Video content posts are for Gold status members only.

laMint already has a generous referrals program for those able to onboard their friends: sign someone up and you’ll receive a special bonus, plus up to 20% from (laMint’s own share) of any future revenue they generate from spendings as well as earnings. The platform also introduces the first of its kind multi-levelled referral system which creates exciting opportunities for those with 2-3 degrees of separation from well-known content creators looking to join laMint.

laMint is on a mission to revolutionize the content creation landscape, challenging the limitations of traditional tools like OnlyFans and Patreon that rely on subscription models and minimum $5 payments. With the introduction of micropayments, laMint offers content creators a worthy tool to monetize more of their content and accelerate their creator journey from day one.

Unlike traditional platforms that often require a substantial subscriber base or specific thresholds to start earning, laMint embraces micropayments to provide a faster and more accessible avenue for content monetization. Creators can immediately unlock the potential of their work and earn from their creativity without delay. By embracing micropayments, laMint empowers creators to monetize their content more effectively, ensuring that every piece has value. This approach not only benefits the creators themselves but also enhances the experience for their audience, allowing them to directly support the content they enjoy.

Sign up for laMint today and experience a content creation platform that breaks free from the limitations of traditional models, offering creators a fair and efficient system to monetize their work and thrive in their creative endeavors. Say goodbye to the restrictions of subscription-based platforms and embrace the power of micropayments with laMint.

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