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Kurt’s personal blog: Eine reise!

I’m at O’Hare Airport in Chicago: an airport I’ve traveled from more than any other in my long life as a Chicagoan, but it no longer feels like my airport. Since moving to South Florida, I’ve become something of a palm tree maximalist, and now anything north of Palm Beach County just sounds dangerously close to Siberia. Maybe I’ve become unreasonable… 

Yet again, my poor son—who has recently taken a lot of strides in the ability to speak as a nearly 3-year-old boy—burst into tears when I let him know I had to get on another airplane. “Oh no! All gone?!” he said when I let him know I had to take another trip, as my 1-year-old daughter consoled him heartily with a ham-fisted pat on the shoulder. I’m glad she’s momma’s girl for now, but my son is definitely a man’s man and really struggling to understand why I disappear for a week or two every few months. 

This time, I’m jetting back to the ancestral home of the Wuckert clan: Germany. The hallowed land upon which my kin hasn’t stepped since escaping the Nazis in the 1930’s, and I’m very excited to see how my Rhinelander lungs breathe the air. This time, we enter the country in peace as a contingent from CoinGeek, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies Inc. (CSE:TAAL | FWB:9SQ1 | OTC: TAALF), GorillaPool and Bitcoin Association to give a few presentations at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress. With a mission of educating a new crop of developers about the panacea of opportunity that exists on the most scalable, global blockchain, we are covering the basics to an audience that could very rapidly move ideas to BSV, and I’m very excited to share the stage and workshops with these industry colleagues.

A funny thing happened this weekend, as we had an all-hands-on-deck issue to work through among a bunch of us, and I am very proud of how we organized and pulled through. So there’s also an opportunity to have a celebratory toast for quick action and a group success story too! Connor, Jad and Deggen, the first round is on me!

After the We Are Developers conference, there’s also a group near and dear to my heart in Berlin that I’ve been wanting to meet up with. The B2029 group is essentially the first BSV citadel: an organization that inspired my desire to create a co-working group in South Florida. Some old allies in this group have a few big announcements to make, and there will be a big opportunity to learn how such an organization should operate, so I am very much looking forward to meeting a few people who have been distant friends behind colorful avatars for many years.

“Wuckert” is a transliteration from old German that roughly translates to “War Hard,” but despite my namesake and veteran status in the Bitcoin Civil War, I am not hardened to Bitcoin. I am hopeful that this mission of planting and watering seeds will bear good fruit in due time. 

I promise my editorial career with CoinGeek isn’t just going to be a travel blog forever, but I am enjoying my time around the world spreading the good word of Satoshi Nakamoto. But I’m also looking forward to being back in my own home with my loving family and working on a few articles I’ve had on the back burner for about a month. 

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