At Korea’s Blockchain Convergence Summit, Jimmy Nguyen offers a taste of what’s to come with Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is just getting started. And that begins by going back to the original—the original Satoshi white paper.

At the Blockchain Convergence Summit Chain Plus event in Seoul, South Korea, Founding President of the bComm Association Jimmy Nguyen laid out what’s in store for Bitcoin SV, the only cryptocurrency and public blockchain that adheres to the original Satoshi white paper, protocol and vision.

“We believe Bitcoin SV is ‘the all-in-one’ coin and will be the global public ledger of the future that all enterprises should build on and be the dominant one. Just like we worked on one public internet, we believe there should be one global public blockchain, and that’s going to be Bitcoin SV,” Nguyen explained.

Bitcoin SV offers a solid-rock foundation, upon which global enterprises can reliably build applications, projects and ventures. It is focused on restoring the original Bitcoin protocol, keeping it stable, and allowing it to massively scale. This roadmap will achieve the world’s new money used by billions of people, and the global public blockchain with professionalized engineering upon major enterprises can confidently.

“Our team has been doing things that have never been done before in the history of cryptocurrency,” Nguyen said. For instance, the BSV software will be the first in the history of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be fully security-audited Bitcoin node implementation. Trail of Bits, a top-tier security audit firm in the United States, will be security auditing the Bitcoin SV code and will also provide testing and improvements to its quality assurance process.

And that’s just the start for Bitcoin SV, according to Nguyen.

“We’re just getting started to build but that started by going back to the original. It’s the mission we had when we fought for Bitcoin SV,” he said. “It wasn’t just about the name or a ticker symbol. It was about defending and preserving the original vision of Bitcoin, keeping the protocol stable just as Satoshi intended, believing in the power of massive scaling to gigabyte and terabyte size blocks, to open a world that is secure for the global public ledger of the future to process all kinds of microtransactions, all kinds of data transactions in a way that is public, verifiable, transparent, and auditable. The true power of global public blockchain, and it all begins and ends with Bitcoin the original.”

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