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Kleiman v Wright latest: Ira Kleiman’s request for new trial denied

Ira Kleiman’s request for a new trial following last December’s near-total defeat against Dr. Craig Wright has been rejected by Judge Beth Bloom.

Kleiman was arguing that the defence violating certain pre-trial orders over the course of the trial, necessitating a new one. Specifically, they were complaining that counsel for Dr. Wright had improperly focused the jury’s attention on the relationship between Ira Kleiman and his late brother Dave—who Ira claims helped Dr. Wright invent Bitcoin. Before trial, the parties had been prohibited from introducing any evidence about the relationship between the two. According to Ira, this was violated “more than ten times.”

In an order released Monday, Judge Bloom declined the request. She called the plaintiff’s arguments “unpersuasive,” taking particular note of the fact that they failed to object to many of the instances they are now alleging to constitute improper conduct. Further, she agreed with the defendant’s argument that the record was replete with evidence which demonstrated the “limited” relationship between Ira and Dave Kleiman, evidence which at times was offered by the plaintiff himself. Even putting these factors aside, Judge Bloom remarked that the defendant’s conduct was not so prejudicial as to justify a new trial.

“We are very pleased with the judge’s ruling and that the request for a new trial has been denied. There was no basis for the request as the judge’s decision has shown,” stated Dr. Craig Wright’s attorney Andrés Rivero.

Now that this matter is resolved, parties will now have 30 days to appeal the judgment in the Kleiman case. Though not expected imminently, this is also likely to precipitate movement in both Lynn Wright and Ramona Watts’ proceedings against Ira Kleiman.

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