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Julio Alejandro: Blockchain’s power to liberate humanity

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Julio Alejandro disagrees with much that’s said in the Bitcoin SV world. But he’s a rarity among its critics in that he welcomes the chance to debate the issues and he praises Dr. Craig Wright—“an incredibly smart, capable human being”—for his willingness to engage in dialogue around contentious questions of government, money and self-determination.

As CEO of the London-based JADA Consulting, Julio provides public workshops and offers his services in private client work on blockchain and other leading technologies. Born in Mexico, he has also worked as a journalist which, through first-hand experience, heightened his awareness of the problems of immigrants in both North America and Europe.

He believes in the power of blockchain to solve some of the problems of material inequality and unequal human opportunities through creating alternatives to the monopolistic power of the nation state—in its provision of passports and money in particular.

At the first of Dr. Wright’s recent The Bitcoin Masterclasses, in London, Julio challenged Dr. Wright in the Q and A session, putting forward libertarian arguments for blockchain that he claimed could be achieved through the creation of DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations). Dr. Wright argued that the autonomous communities that Julio promotes necessarily exist under national laws and that opting out of those laws and the societies they exist in is not possible in the real world.

Speaking on the latest edition of CoinGeek Conversations, Julio follows up that discussion, questioning the Western-centric view of the world and arguing for the development of more autonomous, self-directed communities:

“Why do we believe within this Western vision of imposing on a group of people that this is the best system of thought? So when we say, ‘is this right wing or left wing or whatever wing,’ my answer is: let other people, that are not harming someone else, create their own things—which can be a cryptocurrency or a country, a legal system. We should be coding and actually building those countries that demonopolise. That’s a DAO. It eliminates the monopoly. If we’re not eliminating a monopoly, we fail. If we’re not eliminating the nation states, we also fail.”

He sees blockchain as a liberating technology that could spread the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-determination around the world—including to his own country of origin:

“The level of entrepreneurship in the largest Hispanic country in the world that has 130 million people – in Mexico and 40 million living legally or illegally in the United States—is a disaster. It’s horrible. It’s almost nonexistent. Bitcoin and blockchain, sadly, does not exist in Mexico.”

In the spirit of his desire to engage with Bitcoin SV rather than just attack it, Julio has already proposed starting an “Intentioned Community” for those who support the ideas of Craig Wright. In a new post on his LinkedIn profile, he outlines what he has in mind:

“Rent one building, let’s move twenty entrepreneurs in. Craig’s rules, choices, residents, and standards. We’ll be 50, 300, and eventually 2,000 tech entrepreneurs in one district in London. Who’s down for a #SatoshiVillage? Healthy, long-term, sustainable, tech-fitness oriented community.”

Sounds good—a bit like nChain, but healthier!

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