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BSV’s deeply rooted understanding of history could shape global ecosystems: CoinGeek Backstage

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Dr. Craig Wright has long said that blockchain would not solve all the problems the world is facing but pointed out that it is a critical tool that would help humanity search for an avenue for solutions that will address these issues. One challenge, however, is finding the right blockchain for this job.

Of the numerous distributed ledgers available in the market, enthusiast Richard Waddy and Jada Consulting CEO Julio Alejandro believe that the BSV blockchain is the ideal tool that would help shape the world, beginning with the global economic and financial ecosystems.

In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage, Alejandro said BSV relies heavily on the community’s deeply rooted understanding of history, be it in economics or philosophy, to create actual use-cases, unlike other blockchains that depend solely on the technology itself.

“I think his (Dr. Wright) history and correct understanding of the different economic systems that built the technology…so those ideas that exist deeply at the core of the Bitcoin people — not the technology, not the tool, not the mathematics, but the people, the community, that kind of built this ecosystem,” Alejandro said, adding that these ideas must be debated.

Waddy is more ambitious, saying the BSV blockchain could help solve the decades-long problem plaguing society—poverty and war.

“I really believe that if Bitcoin has BSV’s vibes and then thrives, I just think about all the virtual circles that come from it, and I often say I think it would end poverty and war,” said Waddy, who has been following the developments in the Bitcoin sphere since 2013.

Clearing the confusion

The Bitcoin Masterclasses served as a platform to engage enthusiasts in the space and help the community distinguish one technology from the other, how they each work differently, and their legalities, a common hurdle faced by beginners in the industry.

“It’s been tremendously successful in trying to make the differences between the different areas and confusions that we had within privacy, confidentiality, peer-to-peer, what are the difference, what is the legality, what is the axiology, what is the morality behind them,” Alejandro said of Masterclass series, adding that he is confident that participants who attended Dr. Wright’s sessions have benefited enormously from the amount of information and learning that the Bitcoin inventor shared.

Waddy shared the same sentiment while recounting his experience with Dr. Wright, who took the time to listen to his theories about bitcoin.

You can watch the Bitcoin Masterclasses by Dr. Wright on the CoinGeek YouTube channel.

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