Joshua Henslee in Unbounded Capital

Joshua Henslee joins Unbounded Capital as an investment advisor

At CoinGeek, we often cover Joshua Henslee’s insights on Bitcoin SV through videos. Now, we’re happy to report that he has joined Unbounded Capital, a BSV-focused venture capital firm, as an advisor to the investment committee.

Henslee’s history with Unbounded Capital

In a blog post on the Unbounded website, Henslee explains how he met Zach Resnick and Dave Mullen-Muhr in 2018 while living in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

He explains how they’ve always had a loose affiliation, meeting up at various BSV-related events, and he’s even done some work for them but hasn’t done so formally until now.

A shift in focus within the BSV ecosystem

In the post announcing his joining Unbounded Capital, Henslee talks about how, up until now, investors have been focused on the commodity, but they now have their eyes on the companies that utilize it.

Unbounded Capital itself has shifted focus from investing in companies that create tools for developers to consumer-facing apps. He says that he believes these apps will demonstrate the value of the blockchain in tangible, easy-to-understand ways.

Looking towards these apps, Unbounded Capital has invested in several which utilize micropayments, including HandCash and Haste Arcade. Henslee believes that a year from now, there’ll be 300 apps in the HandCash gallery—a 10x growth from now.

The recent Unbounded Capital Summit in NYC

In September, the first-ever Unbounded Capital Summit took place in New York City.

Henslee describes the event as a “much-needed breath of fresh air,” focused on leveraging scalable blockchain solutions rather than speculating on token price. He notes that, in contrast to many other conferences he has attended, those present were totally engaged, asked intelligent questions, and evidently enjoyed the presentations. One investor told him that he is certain all digital currencies are going to zero, with the exception of BSV.

In Henslee’s view, investing in companies is a much smarter strategy than buying a coin and hoping the value increases. It is this “number go up” mindset that has characterized the rest of the digital currency industry so far has died off in BSV as a focus on the technology and the companies that utilize it have taken center stage.

Watch: Unbounded Capital Summit 2022 Highlights

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