Join the Polish Blockchain Association Gaming & Blockchain webinar on April 13

It’s no secret that gaming is one of the most successful use cases for blockchain technology so far. On the BSV blockchain, it makes up the vast majority of daily transactions at this time.

Recognizing this, the Polish Blockchain Association is having a webinar on gaming and blockchain on April 13. Several leaders in the blockchain gaming space will be panelists.

The webinar will discuss all matters related to blockchain and gaming, including how the two intertwine. They’ll discuss hot topics such as the interoperability of player profiles, royalties within games, NFTs in gaming, and micropayments.

The discussion will be interesting for gamers and developers alike, but it’s important to note that it’s not only hypothetical in nature. Blockchain gaming pioneers like Adam Kling will be speaking, and there’s no doubt he’ll touch on how CryptoFights is showing the world how it’s done by running a working blockchain-based game on BSV.

The discussion panel will be hosted by Aleksandra Los, a U.K.-based blockchain entrepreneur, and alongside Adam Kling will be Joe De Pinto of Haste Arcade, Adam Paz of Sabre Games, and Michał Dąbrowski of Elympics. All of these panelists are well versed in gaming, blockchain, eSports, and much more.

CryptoFights is showing the world how blockchain gaming should be done

While there are some other attempts at games on hobby blockchains across the industry, there’s only one that’s fully functional at scale. BSV-based CryptoFights, a fantasy RPG game by FYX Gaming, currently generates millions of daily on-chain transactions as a new wave of players discovers it.

It wasn’t long ago that BSVers were excited about one million daily transactions generated by CryptoFights, but those days seem like ancient history now. Just this week, the game generated over 7 million transactions in one day.

Transactions chart

While the data speaks for itself, Adam Kling of FYX Gaming will no doubt speak on why he and his team migrated away from Ethereum and onto BSV. If anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s the guy who has successfully made the transition and delivered a popular blockchain game that works at scale.

To hear what he has to say, as well as to find out about the fast-growing Haste Arcade, which truly captures the essence of Bitcoin micropayments with their patented Instant Leaderboard Payout technology, and to learn more about what’s going on more generally in the blockchain gaming space, tune in to the Polish Blockchain Association’s Gaming and Blockchain Webinar on April 13.

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