Joe DePinto on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Expect new and exciting features on upcoming Haste beta platform

Joe DePinto on CoinGeek Weekly Livestream: Expect new and exciting features on upcoming Haste beta platform

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Haste, an online games arcade built on the BSV network takes centerstage on this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream. Its co-founder Joe DePinto tells host Kurt Wuckert Jr. that the concept behind Haste derives from a desire to show people that microtransactions can be used in real world things.

Joe and business partner Dan Wagner were obsessed with microtransactions from the get-go and began looking into blockchain sometime between 2015 and 2016. It was around the same time the entrepreneurs launched BarPay, a platform that lets customers order and pay for drinks at bars and restaurants. Joe says learning about blockchain technology opened new possibilities for business ideas, particularly in the realm of payments and rewards system. “We were just interested in this notion of like wow, you can send money basically for free as opposed to what we had been learning about with our first venture, which had a lot to do with credit card processing.”

In Haste, users can climb to the top of the leaderboard by simply tapping a button as fast as you can. A user can earn by staying at the top of the leaderboard, as well as getting a piece of every other game play that follows. 

On this episode of CoinGeek Weekly Livestream, Joe was happy to announce that Haste will be releasing a beta platform in the near future that will include new and exciting features. What we have out right now, the alpha platform, was all proof of concept, you’re going to see a lot more features and things you can actually do with HST,” Joe says. The beta platform will cater to game developers and gamers by making it available on PC’s and gaming consoles.

Joe is also keen to point out that there is a massive gaming market right now with gamers who are accustomed to carrying out digital payments within their games. As he tells Kurt, “We want to go after those 2-plus billion people and see how many are at least interested in this concept.”

Joe explains that their strategy will involve building partnerships with gaming companies such as EA games or companies who sponsor people to play in game tournaments. Ideally, he’d like these players to mention Haste on their livestream as a way to entice others to play against them on the platform. “So it’s going to be doing partnerships with those people, getting them to have their players on Twitch while they’re playing, live streaming. Hey, by the way, come play against me on call it Snake or Pong on the Haste arcade. See if you can beat my score. Click this link for a referral.”

Joe plans to discuss unexplored opportunities with these companies as well, putting much focus on new ways to profit using BSV technology, already the world’s largest public blockchain by all major utility metrics such as data storage and daily transaction volume, scaling ability and average block size. “I think from a game dev standpoint, we’re going to have to try to convince them, look, there’s another way you can make money.”

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