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Play games and earn money with Haste Arcade

Haste Arcade brings the old school games arcade experience online but with a major twist: players can earn money for their success. With most eSports-style games you either beat the other player or garner points, which are, ironically, pointless. Haste Arcade rewards its winning players via a unique, patent-pending Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) which does exactly that. The three key pillars are:

  • Get on the Leaderboard and get paid
  • Microtransaction purchases and real-time payments
  • In-game NFTs and other play-to-earn formats

The transactions are carried out courtesy of the BSV blockchain, thanks to its unbounded scaling, low cost, and transaction throughput capacity. Haste Arcade has also partnered with Fabriik, a digital financial services provider, whom through its Weave solution enables end-users to perform all actions of a crypto-to-crypto exchange in just three steps, which take around a minute, including onboarding, trade quotes, execution, and settlement, with confirmations fully managed. When delivered via API, clients can incorporate Weave into their existing user experience.

For Haste Arcade, Fabriik’s integrated Weave API allows customers to seamlessly trade in real-time without needing to leave the application. Furthermore, customers don’t even need to use or install a new wallet, the Weave app will work with their existing wallet(s).

Dan Wagner, CEO of Haste Arcade, explains: “Being able to earn an incremental source of income as a gamer for doing something you’re good at and enjoy doing just for fun, is a very powerful concept. We wanted to offer players tangible rewards for their victories. So-called ‘bragging rights’ is all very well but doesn’t really mean anything unlike winning digital assets.”

Up until now, Haste has been focused on developing the Arcade marketplace and ILP as a proof of concept within the BSV community, but their vision is for global mainstream adoption; to reach those casual, everyday gamers who play on their phone when they have a spare five minutes here and there. With ILP enabling micropayments and the ability to move money for a fraction of a cent, they are also looking to expand use cases to gamify any type of event.

Read more on Haste Arcade’s integration of Fabriik’s Weave here.

eSports facts & figures

In 2018, video games generated US$131 billion, with eSports a quickly growing vertical within that market as revenues topped US$1 billion for the first time. But it’s more than just current revenues and bottom-line figures that are getting investors excited, the potential for the sector is staggering.

Haste, Inc was only founded in 2021 and has already seen over 500,000 gameplays.

Notes to editors

The Weave API allows businesses to integrate a simple, configurable, crypto-to-crypto exchange with the front-end design of their existing site, so their customers can trade crypto in just three steps without leaving their site. Alternatively, businesses can host the Weave widget for free on their sites by simply copying and pasting a snippet of code.

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