Join Faia ‘Reboot’—an online networking event for APAC Bitcoiners

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Community builders Faia are partnering with the Bitcoin Association to host the Asia Pacific Bitcoin SV (BSV) Meetup. The first session is an online event called “Reboot” on Friday, June 26, 2020, for the Asia Pacific Bitcoin community to network and discuss current and future events affecting the industry.

As the name suggests, many feel the time is ripe to take a fresh look at all matters financial and technological. The COVID-19 pandemic and measures to contain it have led the world economy into a chaotic situation from which it’s difficult to imagine a return to “normal” any time soon.

With the negatives also come opportunities, however, and the Bitcoin industry is fortunate in that it proposes new economic models and ways to earn, with technology that shines most in non-physical settings. The “Reboot” event’s online format itself could become a new model for networking in the coming years.

Guest speakers at Reboot include Faia Managing Director George Siosi Samuels, Volt co-founder Wang Fuqiang, Codugh CEO Shashank Singhal, and Maxthon CEO Jeff Chen. There will also be a Q&A session where other participants can join the discussion, and a chance for them to “co-mingle” with each other—virtually.

CoinGeek spoke to Faia Associate of Business Development Adam Bowcutt about Bitcoin BSV’s situation in the APAC region and any unique opportunities there, as well as Faia’s own “obsession” with creating communities and how it should be done given the current challenges.

If you’d like to join the event, you’ll need to go here, create a Hopin (online seminar) account and register. The two-hour event starts at 10:00 a.m. (China/Singapore time) and ends around noon. 

About the ‘Reboot’ networking event with Adam Bowcutt of Faia

Why is Faia hosting the (virtual) meetup? Will there be more, and will it become regular?

Faiā is hosting this meetup because we are obsessed with community and bridging the gap between people and technology. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to create an engaging (virtual) event that brings leaders together to showcase what they’re diligently working on throughout these challenging COVID times and beyond. Our chosen format will enable and encourage knowledge-sharing of the invited speakers through conversational interviewing, as well as insightful presentations.

The team at Faiā are focused on adding value intimately through community and at scale via effective utilization of technology, and we are confident this event will deliver the BSV goods and more!

We always listen to feedback and adapt accordingly. I’m certain we shall see more events in the future — not only virtually, but also in-person too. We love connecting with people via tech, although you can’t beat the intricacies of physical events.

How popular is BSV in the APAC region compared to others, do you think?

BSV is massively popular in the APAC region because we have powerhouse countries embracing tech solutions, including China, Singapore, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia and others. Some APAC countries are more open and quicker to adopt new technology that makes business and life better.

Does APAC have any particular BSV issues or use cases that differentiate it from other regions?

China is a very interesting economy. They can often feel like a hidden universe to those who are not connected to them via trade or news, but from a BSV perspective, they have some very savvy miners and developers who are looking to push BSV capabilities further than others.

The Aussies are also an underdog that don’t often get enough praise—how can we forget that Bitcoin itself was birthed in Australia?

In Singapore, we have some hidden talent there as well but, as a financial hub, most of the attention goes to big corporate blockchain solutions (e.g. Hyperledger) or Ethereum. But some teams from Singapore will be emerging soon.

For other parts of APAC, you’ll have to tune into our meetups to find out!

How does “co-mingling” work in a virtual gathering?

Co-mingling works by allowing speakers and attendees to virtually chat and mingle like they would in a physical meet-up—the platform we’re using (Hopin) enables such interactivity. You’ll have to join us to experience it fully! It’s something we enjoy facilitating to differentiate from most normal online events.

Do you think these online meetups will become more popular in the immediate future?

They’re already popular now. What we foresee is a growth in online meetups that transcend regular “boring” events that act as one-way information delivery. We would like to lead the way in creating engaging virtual and physical events that people are excited to join and that get to enjoy the experience. That the audience and speakers are all contributing to building a stronger sense of community ties within, for, and beyond BSV.

What does the term “financial reboot” mean to you?

It means pausing, taking a deep breath and then gearing up for the next round. Turning ‘the system’ off and then rebooting it up again with renewed energy, leadership and optimism. 2020 is already going through a global “financial reboot,” which many BSVers were kind of already prepared for. In 2019, we even hosted our launch event titled the Great Reset. Reboot is a way of acknowledging this shift, and showcasing how BSV businesses in APAC are adapting.

Join the Faiā Reboot event here.

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