John McAfee threatens to sue HitBTC over buy-in fees

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But then who will answer the lawsuit, and to what office address will it be sent to?

In late June, John McAfee slammed cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC, calling his followers to boycott it and saying its minimum buy-in system effectively shut out potential users of Docademic. Docademic is a project which would provide free healthcare services and medical products in exchange for a patient’s data.

McAfee invested in the platform, saying its a better alternative than government-issued plans.

“My healthcare platform is Docademic. It is virtually free, functional and used by millions. It costs me nothing other than an app download and a few MTC tokens to get help. Imagine my advantage when my opposition, whether Dem or Republican, unveils their “PLANS” and I reveal my already functional system.”

He adds, however, that he’s not in it for the profit, but for the benefits it will give people. And that HitBTC’s “unethical tactics” would have anyone “irate.”

McAfee says he sent the exchange 11 “empassioned letters,” and got only one response. McAfee goes on about the issue, although no copy of the response has been supplied, leaving it up to readers to connect the dots.

“I have sent eleven empassioned letters to @hitbtc and received only one response. Is it our fault? CEO of Docademic, Mr. Charles Nader warned the CEO of Hitbtc three months prior to these unnecessary deaths. You tell me sir, who is responsible?”

He goes on to invite others to join the lawsuit.

“HITBTC has not responded to our requests. We are preparing a legal complaint against HITBTCs service provider and against HITBTC. If you have an issue with HITBTC, then please send details to: [email protected]

Lawsuit on. Prepare the popcorn.

It is unclear, however, how this lawsuit will play out—if it will. For one thing, despite operating for four years now, it is unclear who is behind the HitBTC exchange, and where exactly they are based (some say Hong Kong).

In addition to HitBTC’s elusive founders and office address, McAfee himself has also been stirring quite some ruckus. Despite garnering respect over having built an empire from security software over the years, his recent Twitter campaigns has been raising eyebrows. There was that offer to tweet about your cryptocurrency project (ICOs) for $105,000 which he promised to stop after the SEC told him to shut it down. He also had to backtrack on speculations about a hack that happened to Binance early this year, apologizing to CEO Changpeng Zhao for taking part in the FUD.

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