John McAfee will tweet about your crypto project—for $105,000

John McAfee will tweet about your crypto project—for $105,000

After promising to eat his private parts live on TV if the price of legacy Bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t reach $1 million (something which appears to be pure fantasy at the moment), John McAfee has now come up with another brilliant scheme to make money out of the cryptocurrency space. According to his website, the computer programmer and entrepreneur is going to start charging $105,000 per tweet to promote cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The introduction is already extremely bold. “Within the cryptocurrency industry, nothing can match the power of a McAfee tweet. Frequently, a single tweet has resulted in more than a million dollars of investment into an ICO, and multiple currencies have increased more than 100% in price from a single tweet.”

The pitch continues to state that McAfee has no less than 810,000 direct followers on Twitter and these tweets would be able to reach out to the several million crypto followers. This is backed by analytics, according to the website blurb. It continues to state that his Twitter feed is jam packed with comments focusing on exchanges, media servers which have actually crashed due to the huge volume of users that are directed to the site by one of those McAfee tweets.

“John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency. Over 50,000 of his followers answered a series of polls about their investments and use of cryptocurrencies,” the McAfee crypto team stated.

Based on statistics, the team said 737,000 of McAfee’s followers buy or sell cryptocurrencies at least once a month, while 154,000 buy or sell digital currencies daily. Also, 380,000 of McAfee’s followers have more than 25% of their total assets stored in cryptocurrencies; 259,000 have more than 50% of their total assets in cryptocurrencies; 518,000 have more than $3,000 already invested in cryptocurrencies; and 224,000 have over $20,000 invested in cryptocurrencies. This last group alone represents, at a minimum, $4.48 billion in crypto investments, according to the team.

So what about the price for using one of those magic Mcafee tweets? McAfee’s team said each individual tweet will cost no less than a staggering $105,000. Additionally, unless there are special situations, no more than seven tweets per promotion will be sent out. That means that at maximum, it’s almost three quarters of a million dollars to promote your ICO or crypto deal. There are also a few testimonials on the site with young happy CEO’s touting the marketing power of McAfee.

A word of warning, though: the McAfee team said it turns down “over 99% of all companies” wanting to buy its services.

“The reason is that only products and services that Mr. McAfee truly believes in will be promoted. These are products or services that Mr. McAfee has personally purchased or used and is pleased enough with to engage in promotions, or ICOs whose white paper describes a vision in line with Mr. McAfee’s vision and the company producing it has passed our thorough audit,” according to the website.

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