Joe Rogan podcast discusses the opportunities of Bitcoin SV

Joe Rogan podcast discusses the opportunities of Bitcoin SV

Word about the Bitcoin SV (BSV) only Metanet is spreading fast, and it got a huge mention on the Joe Rogan podcast on June 26. Episode 1318 of the podcast featured guest Hotep Jesus, a tech entrepreneur, when BSV suddenly got a mention out of nowhere.

The two were discussing how they would go about creating a content platform that could be censorship resistant, as Rogan was concerned about potential deplatforming. Hotep Jesus guessed that they could self-host on blockchain, but neither of them really understood how they could accomplish this though.

That’s when “Young Jamie” Vernon, Rogan’s producer, jumped in with his BSV anecdote:

“My friend uploaded an mp3 to the BSV network maybe?… He wanted to be the first on there, which he is.

“That’s where it’s at, and I was talking to him for that. He’s almost my guinea pig, like ‘Alright, you did it, you figured it out, now how do I get a three hour podcast on there and how are people going to get it?’ Not figured out yet, people are definitely working on it, everyday there’s been advances.” (51:34)

In all likelihood, his friend, who he referenced to be a rapper, could have uploaded his music using the AudioB platform, which allows content producers to put audio files on the blockchain and allow others to download them for a small fee.

The conversation, which on Youtube alone has already been watched over 620,000 times, indicates an organic need for the type of service that AudioB, and the Metanet, provide. Content creators like Joe Rogan, creating original content that he wants total control over, wants to have an outlet that can’t suddenly banish him, and by using the BSV only Metanet, his content would be accessible, and easily monetized.

Cameron Grey appears to be the friend Young Jamie was referencing, and he quickly celebrated the name drop on Twitter. He made the producer a HandCash account and encouraged the BSV community to welcome him into the space, and many have responded generously.

Grey is getting plenty of attention for the mention, and a quick review of his tweets shows that he’s a proud BSV evangelist, and not shy to promote the benefits of it.

With the huge audience of Joe Rogan and the strong support of Grey, a whole new audience will now be looking to find out what BSV. They’ll be discovering a whole new world of opportunities, made possible only by Satoshi’s original vision of Bitcoin.

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