AudioB launches music on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

AudioB launches music on the Bitcoin SV blockchain

CoinGeek’s Toronto scaling conference is kicking off May 29, but one developer couldn’t wait to announce his latest project. Twitter user Libs rolled out his latest effort in a May 28 tweet, announcing AudioB, a platform to share and browse audio files on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

The platform allows audio content creators, or to be more specific, “independent music producers, podcasters, DJs and more,” to drag and drop an audio file onto the site’s easy to use interface and write it to the BSV network for a small fee. It also allows end-users to browse files uploaded by others, and pay a small fee to download them to listen to.

In a follow-up tweet, Libs promoted the site as a method to “Allow your audience to reward you for your work with Bitcoin SV-powered micro payments.” Several artists already have as well. A visit to the browse page of latest releases reveals 20 songs available for download, with pricing ranging from $0.10 to $0.99. Libs tweeted a few of his favorites as well, including a song called “Metanet” from user @SamCoxDJ.

The site doesn’t appear to be done either. Libs suggested the next step will be artist profiles and collections, once another soon to come application from Money Button is complete.

The BSV world quickly took notice of AudioB. Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen retweeted the announcement, declaring “Music to my ears! Only on #BItcoinSV #BSV.”

The beautifully designed site is an accomplishment in itself, allowing artists to monetize their work and get noticed by a bigger audience. At the same time, it’s an accomplishment for the Metanet, available only on the BSV blockchain. With unlimited scaling and a stable protocol, only on the Metanet is a project like AudioB possible, and it’s proving that BSV is not only the future of money, but the future of the internet as well.

Libs couldn’t wait for the CoinGeek Toronto scaling conference, but you don’t have to wait much longer. Although tickets are already sold out, if you want to watch the big news and developments coming out of the conference on May 30, you can watch live on Vimeo.

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