Bitcoin SV's challenges and wins as discussed during CoinGeek Toronto 2019

Bitcoin SV’s challenges and wins as discussed during CoinGeek Toronto 2019

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A panel of some of the best development minds in Bitcoin SV (BSV) took the stage during the CoinGeek Toronto 2019 conference in order to conduct a town hall type of talk with attendees. The atmosphere during the meeting was relaxed, allowing participants to loosen their ties and speak freely about what they see as the highlights of what BSV has accomplished and some of the challenges that developers still face. The meeting was hosted by nChain’s Steve Shadders, and, as is the case with previous BSV gatherings, shows the solidarity of developers and the desire to continue working as a team to build a single Bitcoin ecosystem.

Taking the stage were Ryan X. Charles of Money Button, Jack Liu of RelayX, Jack Robinson of BitBoss, Jerry Chan of SBI, and Rafael Jiménez Seibane of HandCash. Together, they agreed with comments made by Charles that BSV’s success is based on the ability to be consumer-directed, a mantra by which Money Button lives. The goal is to offer real solutions, not ideas, and products that consumers can actually use.

This is one of the many areas where BSV excels, because developers are constantly rolling out new platforms that have real-world implications. From data storage to communication platforms and everything in between, BSV developers are creating the ultimate Bitcoin ecosystem that is going to pave the way for future industries.

As an example of developers’ ability to work in unison, Liu commented on the implementation of a new type of “proof-of-work boot camp” where developers would be brought together to work together on major projects. RelayX has reportedly already identified hundreds of Internet 2.0 companies that would benefit from a transition to BSV and the boot camp would support those companies, as well as the developers involved that would be designing solutions to suit the companies’ needs. (22:45)

All of the members of the panel recognize that more work on BSV is needed, and this is the first step to seeing changes made. Going forward, easier access to information about BSV and its integral components will be made available, as well as tools so that developers can better understand how everything fits together. This will most likely be managed through a micropayment type of system, so that the information providers can be rewarded for their efforts. As a result, only the most accurate, relevant information would be supplied.

The BSV community understands the importance of adhering to the original design of Bitcoin, before it was manipulated by developers of other projects, including Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. BSV has been able to prove, time and again, that Satoshi was correct when he authored his Bitcoin white paper and that the system didn’t need to be altered to function properly. Other projects may have taken the position that they know better than Satoshi, but the true Bitcoin enthusiasts understand the real truth.

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