Jimmy Nguyen: ‘There are real businesses, building real projects’ with Bitcoin SV

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CoinGeek London just wrapped up after two fast-paced, information-packed days of excitement surrounding Bitcoin and where the blockchain is headed. There is more development being done on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain than any other project, all with real-world solutions being offered. Becky Liggero-Fontana of CoinGeek met up with Bitcoin Association Founding President and CoinGeek London 2020 MC Jimmy Nguyen after the conference to talk about the successful event.

BSV is “a new dawn,” asserts Nguyen. It has been on a tortuous journey to correct mistakes found in other blockchain projects and offer the only real Bitcoin that meets Satoshi’s vision. With blockchains like BTC, capabilities that should have been included were omitted and projects refused to enable on-chain scaling, but BSV has been able to prove that Bitcoin’s original design was able to be followed without the need of introducing limitations. 

Where BSV is able to shine, in addition to its unlimited scaling potential and fast network, is with development. CoinGeek London showed that there are real companies creating real projects with tangible solutions for the international business and consumer communities. These endeavors are being introduced in a constant stream, and new projects are always being created. This activity is leading to, and will continue to foster, greater innovation and adoption of BSV in everyday operations. 

One of the biggest announcements that came during CoinGeek London, and which can ultimately benefit the entire healthcare system around the world, as that EHR Data and nChain are collaborating on an effort to digitize medical data. This is going to lead to the creation of the global electronic healthcare record (G-EHR), which will facilitate the sharing of data throughout the healthcare industry, while allowing patients to take ownership of their own data. 

Another milestone for BSV, as well as the international community, was the announcement during CoinGeek London that UNISOT, a blockchain supply management company, has officially launched SeafoodChain. This is a solution that allows seafood to be tracked “from sea to plate,” according to UNISOT CEO Stephan Nilsson, and brings together all entities involved in the seafood industry to provide better transparency and trustworthiness over their operations. 

In both of these examples, as Nguyen explains to Liggero, something remarkable and sustainable is happening. No longer will the industries maintain information in segregated data silos that are detrimental to the industries’ growth, and which make it more difficult for consumers to access reliable data. This makes operations more efficient, as well, helping the companies involved cut costs, while conducting their activities in a manner more conducive to positive business growth efforts. 

Nguyen announced that the next CoinGeek conference has already been added to the schedule, continuing a trend of conferences that have become extremely popular and which help spread the word on how quickly BSV is developing. This next installment is going to be held in New York City, and the final details on when and where will be forthcoming in the near future. 

YouTube video

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