Jeff Chen on how Maxthon web browser is changing the Internet

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These days, the world would be lost without the Internet. It has made it easier for everyone to share information and create new business channels, often in ways no one would have ever thought possible. As good and useful as it is, though, there are plenty of limitations—lack of security, lack of reliability in the data, etc. Jeff Chen decided 15 years ago that something needed to be done, and, as a programmer, he set out to build a better browser. This ultimately led to the Maxthon browser, which is now the only blockchain-based web browser in existence, built right on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Chen participated in the CoinGeek London conference this past February, and CoinGeek’s Johanna Botta was able to get an update from him on how Maxthon is changing the Internet. 

Chen is the founder and CEO of Maxthon, which now has millions of active users around the world. Initially, as has been the case with a number of great blockchain-based solutions, he tried to launch Maxthon on the BTC blockchain. However, he soon realized that the scaling limitations, which still exist today, prevented the network from being an optimal solution. 

When BSV emerged and was able to show that on-chain scaling was possible, Chen was hooked. He transitioned to the blockchain not just because it has no artificial limits to its block sizes, but because of the vision the BSV community shares, including the goal of creating an honest society. 

Maxthon is reinventing the next generation of the Internet. It is building, with assistance, an entire network that includes decentralized domains, global identity implementations, updatable data stores and much more. All of these requirements have led to the creation of the NBDomain platform, which makes it easier than ever to develop, build and share data on the blockchain. It is an open protocol, which allows any developer to adopt it in order to maintain one fundamental base protocol upon which a multitude of Internet solutions can be found. 

In speaking with Botta, Chen pointed out that there are now over 670 million users behind the Maxthon browser. Over the years, browsers became boring and insecure, leading to the development of an alternative that would offer all the characteristics netizens expect to find when they interact with the Internet. The fact that it is the only BSV blockchain-powered web browser means that it can offer better security, microtransaction capabilities and an inherent ability to introduce more innovative products than ever before. 

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