It’s time to fix the internet: Ella Qiang on why Faia Reboot is must attend

The internet infrastructure has failed and it’s time we fixed it. For the Asia Pacific region Bitcoin SV community, the ‘Reboot’ event will offer the opportunity to take the first step in this journey. Organized by Faiā in partnership with the Bitcoin Association, the virtual event will bring together the BSV community to network and chart the way forward.

Reboot will be held on June 26 and will showcase several BSV projects from the APAC region, including, Maxthon and Codugh. Additionally, the attendees will get to engage in speed networking before and after the main sessions.

Bitcoin Association’s Southeast Asia Manager Ella Qiang told CoinGeek, “To me, ‘reboot’ means to fix the failing internet infrastructure with a bitcoin powered system that has value attached to information which can be easily indexed, timestamped, transacted, and built upon each other. A system that allows data to break free from the planned economy approach of the tech giants, and facilitates true price discovery.”

APAC has become one of the most important regions for BSV, both in product development and community base. In China alone, there are over 20 WeChat groups for BSV enthusiasts with 10,000 users, Qiang revealed. The APAC community is also quite cohesive, organizing frequent regional events in China, Australia, South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

While many of the use cases of BSV in the APAC region are similar to global trends, applications developed in the region have a few unique characteristics.

Qiang explained, “Given the wide adoption of consumer apps such as Alipay and TikTok, frictionless small payments and content tipping is the benchmark experience users expect. It makes the concept of real-time micropayments easily perceived in the market, but at the same time products need to be more competitive in terms of service offering and consumer experience.”

Traditional companies in the region have also shown a big appetite for blockchain technology. Maxthon has been one of the pre-existing companies that have taken to blockchain. The web browser, which has over 670 million users globally, recently released the BSV-powered Maxthon 6 browser for the next generation internet.

The virtual event comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has made physical gatherings impossible. However, “the event is a great way to not only provide an easy and efficient platform to existing local communities, but also allows people from all over the world to participate,” Qiang tells CoinGeek.

She added, “As much as we love Twitter/Twetch new project announcement, it’s always better to see the demo in real time and being about to interact with the entrepreneurs in a focused session.”

Join the APAC BSV community at the Faia Reboot event on June 26 at 10 a.m. SGT here.

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