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Introducing the sCrypt development platform on Bitcoin

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The most potent suite of infra and tools for building and scaling your dApp effortlessly.

Where are the killer apps?

Despite Bitcoin’s disruptive potential in in a wide range of use cases such as micropayments, international remittances, and supply chain management, we have yet to see a single killer app that is extremely popular and adopted by the mainstream, 14 years after its launches.

By comparison, after iPhone was launched in 2007, it merely took a couple of years for killer apps to emerge: e.g., Angry Birds (2009), WhatsApp (2009), and Instagram (2010). These compelling and groundbreaking apps provide significant value, become extremely popular, and drive the widespread adoption of iPhone, revolutionizing the way people use mobile phones.

One of the primary reasons for Bitcoin’s lack of adoption is the insurmountably steep learning curve for developers. Developers often spend months, if not years, to build an app, only to find lack of product market fit after launch. For Bitcoin to attract a large number of users, it is imperative to offer first-class developer experience on top, enabling developers to build apps as easily as in Web2.

application layer, platform layer, base layer

For every new computing technology, developer tools and infrastructure are required for broader application development before mainstream adoption. Personal computers have been powered by Windows and Mac OS X; smartphones by iOS and Android; and cloud computing by Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud.

At sCrypt, we believe the same applies to Bitcoin, the next-generation computational and monetary technology. There is a missing layer in the stack that bridges the gap between the raw infrastructure and the Web3 developers who will build the killer applications for this technology and take it mainstream.

Enter the sCrypt development platform

Full stack web3 smart contract development platform

We are building a developer platform to bridge the gap between the base Bitcoin protocol and application developers, as a platform layer. It aims to remove the complexity and costs of building infrastructure while improving applications through first-class developer tools and infrastructure, so that developers can focus on building and scaling applications. It spins the innovation cycles and catalyzes speed of development.

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In a virtuous cycle, the more we provide better tooling, the easier it is for developers to build products, and then more users come, so then more developers come and we make the tooling better, and so on and so forth. sCrypt spins that flywheel.

From standalone smart contracts to development platform

Our core product, sCrypt smart contracts, lets any developer program Bitcoin smart contracts directly in Typescript/Javascript, the most popular programming languages tens of millions of Web2 developers are already familiar with. They do not have to learn a new niche programming language like Solidity, placing a high barrier to entry. They can reuse all of their favorite tools, such as Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, and NPM. It is the easiest way to develop smart contracts in the entire Web3 space.

Yet, smart contracts alone are not enough to create apps. There is still a gap between a working smart contract and a fully functional app users can interact with. So we are expanding our products into a full-stack platform to provide developers everything they need to build an app 10x-100x faster and cheaper, including user authentication, APIs, SDKs, reading/writing the blockchain, and events/notifications. That is, the AWS equivalent of Bitcoin. We are best positioned as the go-to shop for app development on Bitcoin and can meaningfully accelerate the entire industry.

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Sign up and build towards the future Bitcoin killer app today. Start with the tutorial and documentation, and join Discord should you have any questions.

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