How RelayX is making Bitcoin SV ‘more user friendly than ever before’

How RelayX is making Bitcoin SV ‘more user friendly than ever before’

Wallet app RelayX has said it is making Bitcoin SV (BSV) more user friendly than ever before, as it continues to develop its crypto superwallet.

Announcing a series of product updates, the app said it would allow users greater flexibility and control over their cryptocurrency payments, as well as announcing new integrations for the service. Of particular note was the launch of an integration for BSV-powered social media platform Twetch, which allows users to own and monetize their content in BSV.

In a Medium post, the RelayX team said they’re introducing new ways for users to buy BSV in alternative tokens, aka “sh*tcoins”.

First, we break ground by introducing alternative blockchains colloquially referred to as sh*tcoins to the Relay settlement ecosystem. In the latest version of our RelayX app, users can now fund their Bitcoin SV Superwallet seamlessly with Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

RelayX has also removed the need for users to hold a balance in BSV before they can use BSV, combining top-up and payment into a single function, with automatic conversions and fee calculations.

Second, users no longer need to maintain a balance in BSV in order to use BSV. Volatility is an ever-present issue for prospective users and we have alleviated that by combining Top up & Pay into one action. RelayX users can now scan a BSV address or enter a 1handle or Paymail and pay with any fiat or alternative cryptocurrency of their choice. All conversion and fee calculations are done for you, ensuring that the recipient receives exactly how much you wanted them to receive.

The wallet app has also added contact book functionality, making it easier for users to send to the same contacts time after time.

It noted, “Third, we are adding Contacts so you can save your friends’ 1handle and Paymails for easy sending. We envision enabling you to add fiat and alternative cryptocurrency contacts in a future release.”

Celebrating the product upgrades, the wallet app said it was RON, the Relay On-chain Network powered solely by BSV, that was delivering these benefits.

“Importantly, many of these upgrades to RelayX are made possible and efficient by RON — the Relay On-chain Network which operates entirely on Bitcoin SV. We are excited to share more details about RON — how it works, and how it can power a wide range of on-chain applications, e-commerce, wallets, and financial institutions, in an upcoming public launch blog post of its own,” according to the RelayX team.

The wallet app is currently in beta in Google Play and iOS Testflight.

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