Earn BSV by onboarding new users to RelayX superwallet

The RelayX superwallet allows users to send and receive funds instantly, at low cost, across payment platforms. Now, users can earn BSV from referring and onboarding new users, the latest offer of its kind to encourage greater uptake of the service.

With a dedicated share link, users can refer others to RelayX superwallet to benefit from the flexibility of cross-platform payments, while earning a $0.01 referral fee in BSV for their trouble.

A service that many in the BSV community already rely on for sending and receiving funds across payment platforms, the incentive will help further encourage adoption, with the aim of ensuring more people use the RelayX service.

Describing itself as “the new standard in open payments,” RelayX allows businesses and individuals to send and receive money from “anyone, anywhere, across any platform.”

The peer-to-peer settlement solution makes it easy to top up and withdraw from the wallet, with instant payments on both the send and receive side giving users full control over their funds.

Pitched as the most interoperable solution of its kind, the RelayX superwallet comes in at just a 1% fee, making it low cost for users compared to other similar payment systems.

The referral allows users to earn on every transaction, with the flexibility to withdraw or spend earnings from onboard new users to the wallet. It comes as the latest innovation in the BSV ecosystem, where development activity is at an all-time high.

Developers worldwide are increasingly relying on the BSV blockchain for microtransactions, taking advantage of rapid settlement and low transaction costs to increase the efficiency of payments.

With its cross-platform dimension, the RelayX wallet takes this to the next level, all powered by BSV technology. At a time of increasing interest among users for BSV and BSV services, the app and its commission structure presents a new opportunity for those looking to earn BSV while helping grow the wider bitcoin ecosystem.

The referral functionality is expected to soon be native to the RelayX app, in partnership with BSV offers platform TonicPow. 

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