Hivr announces version 2.0 will be on iOS and support HandCash

Hivr announces version 2.0 will be on iOS and support HandCash

The Hivr Bitcoin SV (BSV) social wallet keeps on improving and bringing new features to the world. On February 28, they made a surprise announcement on Twitter that Hivr version 2.0 is on its way.

The new features are pretty big. For the first time ever, Hivr will be available on Apple’s iOS devices. Additionally, the app now supports sending BSV to HandCash wallets.

Existing Android users will need to keep their 12-word recovery phrase handy for the upgrade, as it will force them to log back in. For the ability to now transact with HandCash wallets, the extra step is definitely worth it.

The Hivr app is currently only available on Android. More details about this upgrade should be on the way soon, and they have teased that Hivr 2.0 will come once they are done working on their web app.

The last mention of Hivr 2.0 came from a January 23 tweet, where they emphasized their goal for the new iteration would be better design, functionality and stability.

Hivr allows BSV users to have not just a wallet, but a social media platform as well. Users can tip each other for what they post, and generally interact with the BSV community in a new age way. Having a new, sleeker, user-friendly way to do that will be essential. Add on top of that millions of new Apple users, and they will be introducing BSV to a whole new world.

It helps as well that Hivr will now support HandCash transactions. Handcash is one of the more popular, easy to use and fast BSV wallets. Having the ability to transact between the two will knock down barriers to entry and bring BSV another step towards being the world’s new money.

These types of advances are proving once again that BSV is ready for business now. The stability of the platform allows developers to continue creating new apps, and improving those apps, without fear of a sudden change of protocol wrecking their work. Hivr can make these improvements and know that because of BSV’s stable roadmap, they can guarantee it will work far down the road.

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