Healid’s Bert Kastel seeks to fulfill blockchain’s promise—to advance humanity

Healid’s Bert Kastel seeks to fulfill blockchain’s promise—to advance humanity

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero recently interviewed Healid founder Bert Kastel, who has helped spread the message of blockchain through organizing conferences such as the Transform Africa summit.

Bert Kastel has been a notable presence in the cryptocurrency community, working to exploit whatever beneficial uses the technology has. The company he founded, Healid, aims to maintain a large gene database powered on the blockchain, intended to best determine treatments for all manners of illness. The ambitious venture is just one of many that preoccupy Kastel. He also played a big part in organizing the blockchain conference in the Transform Africa Summit, held in Kigali, Rwanda.

Of the conference, he said, “It’s definitely a virtual enterprise, and of several organizations together. One is K Lab which is an incubator here in Kigali, and the other one, the Transform Africa team, which is organized by Smart Africa, and then our team that is also spread out in several continents, several individuals but we coordinated. We got the locals to develop most of the hands-on logistics and we put together the contents and got most of the speakers and all of this, and tried to pull it together so that there’s some energy injected into this conference by future technologies.”

Kastel describes Healid as ‘crypto-economic genomics.’ A mouthful even for a cutting-edge industry such as blockchain, but it is such high-mindedness that has guided him in looking at firms and organizations who could realize the potential blockchain has, in its various applications.

“I believe that technology drives human advancement, and I want to just identify technologies, and facilitate them if they advance humanity. So no borders, not a specific country or specific continent, but wherever humans get empowered and can fulfill their dreams. And that is very close to the blockchain world, at least the premises and the promises of blockchain, so that’s why it came very natural to me,” Kastel said.

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