Sandra Ro: Blockchain is about human connectivity

CoinGeek’s Becky Liggero spoke to Sandra Ro, CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council, who mused on the impact of blockchain across different industries.

“When I think about what this technology has the potential to do,” Sandra Ro of the Global Blockchain Business Council said, “it is really around the fact that we are living in an increasingly data-driven world. Winners in the data space of tomorrow are going to be either the source of data, the distributors of data, or the people who provide the analytics around that data. And blockchain will be the infrastructure on which everything is built.”

As an example of how blockchain could have an impact, she cited the food sector. One of her passions, she says, is to “look at the provenance of how food is generated at the farmer level, the source level, but also, farmers getting a raw deal. There’s a lot we can do with blockchain technology, and couple that with mobile and cloud as well, to actually help put more dollars into the pockets of the farmers, as well as improve the quality of our food.”

The many different blockchains out there are to conform to people’s needs, rather than vice versa. “The key to start with is to figure out what problem are you solving for? Actually, what real-world problem are you solving for? It’s not about fitting a blockchain to start with first, but actually it’s the problem first, and then what blockchain suits your use case that you actually need to have. What are the business requirements? I think that goes a long way to figuring out, quote-unquote, ‘what blockchain works best,’” she said.

In her travels, Ro has developed a good idea of what makes each place tick, and the potential therein. In the U.S., she points to Los Angeles and Boston as big markets to watch for. “I personally have been going around to a lot of different cities. They each have their flavor of blockchain and industries that will totally be impacted by the nature of their industries that exist today. For example, L.A., entertainment meets gaming meets VR meets blockchain, is going to be phenomenal. In Boston, it’s got this amazing university-driven ecosystem, but also they’ve got the venture-capital money, they’ve got the entrepreneurs, they’ve got the brain trust, so I think you mix all of those ingredients together and a real desire to build a blockchain ecosystem. I think we’re going to see great things coming out of Boston,” she said.

She’s been to numerous conferences all around the globe, and stresses the importance of the social aspect of the technology. “At the end of the day, blockchain is about community. I think it’s driven a lot of people into the space. The tech is cool, but at the end of the day, we’re all humans and this is about human connectivity, facilitating lives through technology. So when I think about that, it is important to get the word out. It’s actually important to meet people and everywhere I go around the world, it’s different. There’s a local flavor and everyone should have that, and it’s very exciting,” she said.

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