Have you seen CoinGeek’s latest BSV documentary, Back My Business Dream?

YouTube video

CoinGeek latest documentary, BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream, follows three companies—Memento, Mannabase, and MyMovies—as they pitch their projects to some of the top investors in Bitcoin at the second BSV Venture Pitch Day in London.

The BSV Venture Pitch Day, organized by the Bitcoin Association, allows entrepreneurs building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain to pitch to the top investors in the industry. Only one of the three teams featured in BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream episode ranked in the top three, and was permitted to pitch to the audience of over 27,000 viewers at 2020 CoinGeek Conference in London—but you are going to have to watch the full episode to find out which team made it to the finalist stage and why.

What the audience is saying

BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream premiered on June 8 and already has over 27,000 views.

“The quality of entrepreneurs was good in that it showed a diverse set of global individuals who are passionate about their ideas and Bitcoin and I liked the follow-up engagement with them showing a continuation of the narrative arc throughout the piece,” said Twitter user @robots_are_here. “The documentary [showed] that there is active investment in the space and there is an avenue to have your ideas heard which is important with the impending Hackathon and CG New York later in the year.”

Episode two of BSV stories shows the audience the broad range of people who are building on Bitcoin. The members of each team come from different corners of the world, including London, Australia, California, and Florida. The second BSV Venture Pitch Day had nearly double the number of participants compared to the CoinGeek Seoul BSV Venture Pitch Day, which goes to show that development in and around Bitcoin has significantly increased since the Genesis protocol upgrade.

BSV Stories – Back My Business Dream is a great watch for anyone who keeps their eye on the blockchain and digital currency industries, especially individuals and companies that may be interested in participating in future BSV Venture Pitch Day events. 

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