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CoinGeek Backstage: David Case on creating the most popular blockchain-powered game on BSV

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The BSV blockchain recently demonstrated its capabilities of handling millions of transactions compared to other popular blockchains like BTC and Ethereum. And one of the most famous applications on the BSV blockchain drove that massive spike with 2,442,628 on-chain daily transactions was CryptoFights, the popular single-player fantasy game made by FYX Gaming.

The CTO of FYX Gaming, David Case, joined CoinGeek Backstage reporter Nidhi Arora on the sidelines of the event to talk more about their products and services, what challenges they usually face handling such a high volume of transactions with CryptoFights, and his general takeaway from the CoinGeek New York conference.

Case kicked off the interview by explaining his role at FYX Gaming and how they started building CryptoFights. “I am the CTO and one of the original founders of CryptoFights. We’ve been building for about three and a half years. And that started from a very experimental project, where we didn’t even know what we were doing to now we’re in open beta. We’ve been live for about four months and been putting through a lot of transactions on-chain,” he said.

CryptoFights is the most played blockchain game in the BSV blockchain, and it routinely creates over several million daily transactions. Arora further asks what challenges FYX Gaming usually faces at the moment. Which Case answered with all honesty that the most significant problem they face is not realizing what those issues are until they are handed an overwhelming volume of transactions that they need to scale.

“I think largely the biggest issues we faced are just not realizing what issues we’re going to face until we had an overwhelming amount of volume that we had to be able to scale to. So we’ve been learning about a lot of good lessons as far as how we need to organize things, how we need to be able to track back when things actually get mined on the blockchain, and a lot of just real data quality issues. We’ve learned that we need to handle and put work in place on that,” Case explained.

One of the subjects that came up repeatedly during the “Esports & Blockchain: The Next Level of Professional Gaming” panel presentation, which Case joined as a panel member, was the panelists’ difficulties with Ethereum. FYX Gaming was perhaps the one with the most experience on this subject since they started developing CryptoFights in Ethereum. However, it didn’t take long for the company to realize that Ethereum was not up for the challenge, and they had to shift to a better blockchain, which led them to decide and move to the BSV blockchain.

“Our product could not exist how it does without a blockchain that can scale and scale massively,” Case noted. “Essentially within CryptoFights, every turn, every fighter, every weapon, everything that’s done is all recorded on the blockchain. So you end up having this massive graph of data…basically, everything points to everything, and you have a full view of everything that’s ever happened. That just cannot happen on a chain like Ethereum or even anything else based on the Ethereum technology,” he added.

In closing, Case thanked all the people who have supported them and promised that they would continue to break new grounds even when there are struggles to fix along the way.

“Thank you [for those] people who have been supportive of us. We’ve had great community support. We are continuing to break new ground and are hitting some struggles that we got to fix as we come along, but things are really optimistic for how they’re looking in the future,” he said.

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