HandCash Hackathon

HandCash hackathon for non-Bitcoin developers coming in spring 2021

A hackathon for non-Bitcoin developers? That’s right. 

Co-founder and CEO Alex Agut announced HandCash’s upcoming hackathon during Kurt’s impromptu livestream last February 24.

YouTube video

Never before has there been a hackathon in the Bitcoin ecosystem geared toward individuals that do not already develop on Bitcoin. This idea is new and novel, and is bound to result in innovative apps, products, and services being built on Bitcoin that we would not see otherwise. 

“We’re hosting a hackathon for non-Bitcoin developers because we want to demonstrate that HandCash Connect is ready for non-Bitcoiners. The theme of the hackathon will be to monetize your Flutter apps with nano-payments,” said Rafa Jiménez Seibane, the co-founder and CTO of HandCash.

“We have the technology that makes nano payments possible. The next step is finding the business models and industries where nano payments are a game-changer. Flutter is a great framework for building apps, which makes it ideal for building small apps around nano-payments and getting real-world feedback—build, learn, measure.”

Although there is no official date for the Hackathon yet, you can expect the HandCash hackathon to take place in early spring. 

“Considering how powerful Flutter is and how easy it is to integrate HandCash Connect, participants will have two weeks to build a small but functional product,” said Seibane.

“The participants must also send a small presentation video (roughly 2 minutes long) explaining their project.”

HandCash will be giving prizes to the hackathon contestants that come in first through tenth place. Teams that place 1st through 3rd will receive €1000, €500, and €200, respectfully, while teams that place 4th-10th will receive a €50 Amazon gift card.

When we asked Seibane what he would like to see come out of the hackathon, he told us:

“Many exciting outcomes: more apps that integrate nano payments for our app gallery, many developers experimenting and understanding the new era of nano payments, and most importantly, non-Bitcoin developers being able to integrate HandCash Connect into their projects. Regardless of the outcome, we will learn a lot, that’s the main objective.”

Be on the lookout for the official announcement of the HandCash hackathon! You will want to follow HandCash and its co-founders Rafa Jiménez Seibane and Alex Agut across social media to make sure you catch the announcement as soon as it goes live!

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