Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure

Get your ‘Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure’ with Bitcoin SV Academy new course

Bitcoin Association has announced the launch of the first course in the third stream of Bitcoin SV Academy courses, the Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure. The course will take one through the role of the nodes and the node operators and give them an understanding and appreciation of the incentive model that Satoshi Nakamoto built into Bitcoin, which ultimately underpins the network.

The Bitcoin SV Academy was launched a year ago by Zug, Switzerland-based industry organization Bitcoin Association. It launched with three initial streams of courses – Bitcoin Theory, Bitcoin Development, and Bitcoin Infrastructure. The first two streams have launched successfully, imparting Bitcoin knowledge in easy-to-grasp concepts developed by the industry’s brightest minds, including Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team Technical Director Steve Shadders and instructors including Elas Digital founder Brendan Lee.

The first course in the third stream—Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure—is now live. The free course will dive deeper into the role of the nodes, the Bitcoin incentive model, payment channels, mempools, how blocks are assembled, and more.

As with all the other courses offered by the Bitcoin SV Academy, the latest course will conclude with an online examination, testing the one’s knowledge on the fundamental of the Bitcoin infrastructure. A course certificate will be awarded for those who pass the exam and show proficiency and understanding of the subject matter.

Jimmy Nguyen, founding president of Bitcoin Association, believes that the initiative is one of the most important in the space. 

“Education is a cornerstone of the work we do at Bitcoin Association, as we help more and more individuals, enterprises and governments understand the vast potential of blockchain technology. Bitcoin SV Academy is essential to this work, providing a world-class platform and university-level courses free of charge,” he commented. 

The Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure course will impart crucial knowledge “ahead of the launch of intermediate and advanced level courses in 2022,” Nguyen said.

The latest course is a testament to the rapid growth of the Bitcoin SV Academy, which only launched in December 2020. With its academia-quality, university-style streams of courses and other stand-alone learning materials such as the Bitcoin Basics: Protocol and Design course, the Academy is bridging the skills gap so prevalent in the blockchain industry.

Shadders, who also contributed to the course materials, believes “there’s something for everyone” on the Bitcoin SV Academy stream of courses.

Get started with Introduction to Bitcoin Infrastructure here.

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