Strategic partnership between nChain and Gate2Chain

Gate2chain to join nChain as we redefine the Peer-to-Peer economy. nChain has acquired 20% of Gate2Chain and established a strategic partnership to drive mass adoption of its product suite

LONDON, MARCH 28, 2023 – Gate2Chain and nChain are excited to announce a partnership aimed at reimagining the peer-to-peer economy to empower users and creators using Web3 technologies. In this agreement nChain also acquired 20% equity in Gate2Chain. The two companies will collaborate to develop scalable Web3 solutions, that enable businesses and creators to tokenise products and services. Together, Gate2Chain and nChain have the expertise and tools necessary to drive impact and solve global problems.

Gate2Chain is a software company committed to removing barriers to building on Web3 by enabling companies and institutions to integrate innovative solutions to enhance their offering. nChain will optimise Gate2Chain’s capabilities and suite of tools including traceability, tokenisation and on-chain data integrity across different industries.

This marks a new phase for Gate2Chain as they enter a new phase of commercialisation.

The partnership with nChain provides security and legal certainty in enforcing IP rights to protect clients and their technology. Gate2Chain will leverage nChain’s solutions and intellectual property to provide economical, efficient, secure and scalable blockchain-powered solutions.

Bart Olivares, CEO and founder of Gate2Chain said, “As a founder, it was always clear to me that if I ever opened the company to new partners, as a matter of honour and recognition, I would offer it to nChain first, as we wouldn’t be here without them. So personally, I’m very happy to have nChain as a partner. The combination of capabilities and resources of nChain and G2C make this agreement a step forward towards the global adoption of Bitcoin.”

G2C Suite is an enterprise-grade B2B solution that provides a development framework to easily connect with the most scalable and efficient blockchain. This easy plug-and-play solution serves as a foundational layer for the transformation from Web2 to Web3.

Minta is a wallet, marketplace, and social network that allows creators to generate new revenue by tokenizing their products, services, or tickets, and controlling distribution rules.

The third solution, Trace, seeks to solve the problem of fraud and counterfeiting for producers of goods, through the implementation and management of digital twins integrated into their current information systems.

These three solutions represent just the beginning of the partnership. nChain and Gate2Chain will collaborate to leverage emerging Web3 technologies to drive unparalleled economic and social impact.

About Gate2Chain

Gate2Chain (G2C) is a company with offices in London and Mallorca. Founded in 2019, G2Cspecialise in building Web3 solutions on the BSV Blockchain and offer three key market-ready products, *G2C Suite, *MINTA and *Trace. These products allow any business to access the full benefits of data on-chain including Direct and conditional payments, metanet trees, tokenization, digital assets, smart contracts and certificates, digital twins, and digital assets.G2C’s strategic partners include N-chain and IBM.

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