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Gate2Chain COO Joe Holles de Peyer promotes blockchain tech for Mallorca’s local tourism

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Mallorca, one of the famous islands in the Mediterranean, is the home of Gate2Chain COO Joe Holles de Peyer. It was also the venue of the inaugural Blockchain, Tourism and the Future of the Internet Conference, an event that gathers key players in the BSV ecosystem, blockchain, and IPv6 worlds including Dr. Craig Wright and Latif Ladid.

There’s no doubt that de Peyer promotes blockchain for real-world use cases, which was prevalent at the Mallorca event, as the Gate2Chain’s founder and COO wants to educate the local tourism industry on how blockchain can solve issues and improve business processes.

In an interview with CoinGeek Backstage reporter Becky Liggero on the sidelines of the event, de Peyer explained the purpose of the Blockchain, Tourism and the Future of the Internet Conference—to introduce Bitcoin to Mallorca and its tourism industry.

“There is a huge tourism industry based in Mallorca, but that has tentacles all over the world, and they’re always in need of innovation. Tourism is an industry that works on very small margins, [and] very large volume, especially on this island. And there’s just so much Bitcoin can do for the industry,” de Peyer pointed out.

Providing a rundown of what happened during the Gate2Chain-organized event, de Peyer noted one of the major wins was the plan to set up an IPv6 Balearic Council with the Balearic government and university.

“We kicked off day one with the conference itself, which was all morning. We had kind of like two parts…The first hour and a half was more big picture introducing blockchain in the context of the history of Internet…[Then] we had more straightforward down-to-earth examples of clear things that blockchain is doing today that could impact the tourism industry,” de Peyer said.

Before closing the interview, the two talked about Gate2Chain’s partnership with IBM to build a digital twin platform that would help developers develop using Bitcoin SV easily and quickly. They also briefly touched on Gate2Chain’s partnership with nChain.

“We’re building a digital twin application, which is a web-based application designed to plug into corporations, basically, ERPs, CRMs to generate digital twins,” de Peyer revealed. “It’s important for us to have a partner like IBM because we’ve got lots of corporate or institutional stuff on the table, and having a partner like that is very important, as is the partnership with nChain.”

“Working with nChain has allowed us to make sure that everything that we’re doing is perfectly secure [and] scalable,” he added.

De Peyer also invites everyone to the upcoming London Blockchain Conference that will be happening this May, stating that it will be “massive” with tons of special announcements.

For those interested, stay tuned for the latest updates regarding the London Blockchain Conference here.

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