Faia Reboot event successfully connects Bitcoin SV ecosystem

Reboot, an event organized by Faiā and the Bitcoin Association finally took place, bringing together the Bitcoin SV community in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. The event was a great success, with presentations from Codugh, Maxthon and Volt. It also gave the attendees the opportunity to connect and network virtually.

Building a cohesive community is critical to the mass adoption of Bitcoin SV, Faia Managing Director George Siosi Samuels said in his opening presentation. The company has been enabling companies to integrate blockchain technology into their operations. Faia has set its sight on bringing the global blockchain community to BSV, with Samuels stating: “Our target market is not BSVers, but we leverage and support BSV for clients solving real problems.”

The blockchain industry has tainted its image, with many viewing it as hostile and unwelcoming. This has hindered many potential users and developers from getting into the industry, Samuels stated. There is also a lack of strong developer tools, a litigious culture and a lack of respect for different perceptions.

One of the ways we can solve the challenge is by refraining from focusing on the technology and shifting towards highlighting the use cases. The average user isn’t interested in how cutting-edge the technology is if the end product is not readily accessible and easy to use.

The blockchain industry must also focus on building effective sub-communities, Samuels stated. Fortunately, the BSV community has already started taking great steps in this regard. Samuels pointed to platforms such as Twetch, a microblogging app that rewards content creators with BSV, as the future of Bitcoin communities.

HandCash Connect and CambrianSV are also playing a great role in this regard, with the latter focusing on offline communities. These communities will be crucial in driving the adoption of Bitcoin, he remarked.

Samuels announced that Faiā would soon be launching Honā, a platform that will use blockchain technology to reward trust at a time when it’s on a steep decline. The platform seeks to build a more honorable society, improving productivity and reducing isolation.

Reboot saw presentations from other speakers, including Codugh’s Shashank Singhal who revealed that the company would be releasing the closed beta on July 5. Maxthon founder Jeff Chen delved into how BSV is powering the new internet, with Volt’s Wang Fuqiang revealing how the company is making Bitcoin more easily accessible for the average use.


The attendants also got to ask the presenters questions, helping them understand the products and processes better. Despite being a fully virtual event, Reboot gave the attendants the opportunity to interact among themselves. Through a one-on-one networking process, the attendants could connect with other members of the BSV community from other countries and learn more about how BSV is impacting lives elsewhere.

The Reboot event certainly lived up to expectations and will hopefully be the first of many more to come.

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