EUBS organizers on coingeek backstage

EUBS organizers on CoinGeek Backstage: How a simple coffee date became India’s inaugural global summit

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The inaugural Enterprise Utility Blockchain Summit (EUBS) was a massive success, bringing together the Bitcoin blockchain ecosystem in Bangalore, India, to talk about the adoption of the technology in India and beyond. As summit organizers revealed to CoinGeek Backstage, it all started with Zoom calls before evolving into a global event.

EUBS was organized by TimeChain Labs, with the Bitcoin Association for BSV (BA) and Gate2Chain being the main sponsors. Among the speakers at the event were nChain’s chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright and IPv6 Forum President Latif Ladid.

Speaking to CoinGeek Backstage on the sidelines of the event, TimeChain Lab’s Rohan Sharma recalled, “It began on a livestream in a small Bitcoin SV community we started just a few months ago. We decided to have a physical meeting in India to get to know each other properly and have get some projects running. And then it just started rolling.”

It was when Parimal Priyadarshi joined the small group that it gained real momentum. Parimal is the VP of Product at NU10 Technologies, a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) company. Patrick Prinz, formerly the managing director of the Bitcoin Association for BSV and now COO of nChain Global, joined the efforts as well, leading to the birth of EUBS.

“I believed that if you’re dealing with a scalable blockchain, why not have a scalable Summit,” Priyadarshi posed.

The organizers settled on Bangalore as it’s the Silicon Valley of India, and according to Priyadarshi, “the kind of talent pool that we attracted to the summit was tremendous. It was beyond our imagination.”

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