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Ethereum Solidity developers can save gas fees with new transpiler tool

During the BSV Global Blockchain convention in Dubai last week, the enterprise blockchain industry was introduced to a smart contract transpiler, with the ability to port/convert code written in Ethereum’s popular Solidity language into Bitcoin Script. 

SCrypt is a high-level Java Script-based language that many smart contract developers on BSV use as it compiles directly into low-level Bitcoin script. What this tool promises, is the potential for Ethereum (ETH) developers to program in BSV without having to learn another language. The transpiler also makes it easy to port their existing smart contract code written in Solidity over to BSV with a tool doing most of the heavy lifting, to find out how click here

Patrick Prinz Managing Director of BSV Bitcoin Association said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for developers/coders to convert code written for the high gas fee Ethereum network over to the low fee and scalable Bitcoin SV network. While learning, developers will gain insurmountable knowledge on the process of using Bitcoin Script.”  

Patrick goes on to say: “The tool does an excellent job converting most of the code over to Bitcoin Script in workable form, however, there will be some developer manual hacking required. These differences are not due to the transpiler, but more to do with the fact that ETH and BSV are just two distinct types of blockchain architectures.” 

As a jumpstart development tool for ETH developers looking to explore and learn about writing smart contracts in Bitcoin Script on BSV, this tool is perfect and will play a key trial role for many developers who started their careers programming on Solidity. However, if developers are looking for a ‘black box solution’ then they may be disappointed.  

This tool does not just auto-convert all their programs over as a transpiler normally would. But this transpiler does help experienced programmers get their head around starting to think in a ‘Bitcoin SV way.’ 

About BSV Bitcoin Association 

BSV Bitcoin Association is a non-profit association (Verein) in Switzerland, and the global industry organization which advances Bitcoin SV (BSV). It brings together enterprises, start-up ventures, developers, merchants, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners), and others in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. The Association supports Bitcoin SV as the original Bitcoin, with a stable protocol and massive scaling roadmap to become the world’s new money and global blockchain for enterprise. The organization seeks to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that fosters lawful conduct while encouraging digital currency and blockchain innovation. 

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