Bitcoin SV and Discord

Discuss all things Bitcoin on the official BSV Discord channel

The BSV Blockchain Association has launched the official Bitcoin SV Discord channel. Now, anyone interested in BSV, the scalable blockchain, has one central location where they can gather to discuss all things related to Bitcoin.

The BSV Discord supports nine different languages and has channels that are investment-focused, developer-focused, business-focused, application-focused, trading-focused, and more.

“The Discord channel is a good place for members to pose questions to the broader community, and share what they know with others in a productive environment. [Before the discord] There were tons of places you could chat with exceptionally talented developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and investors in the Bitcoin SV space. The problem is that these places were fragmented walled gardens,” said Darren Kellenschwiler, the Developer Community Manager at the BSV Blockchain Association.

“By providing this open central channel, I think the goal will be to re-connect those separate tribes such that they can each benefit from the improvements being made in other areas of research and development that they perhaps would not otherwise be aware of,” he added.

What you can do in the Discord

On the BSV Discord channel, members can find Bitcoin jobs and startup financing, discuss all things Bitcoin (consumer-facing apps and services, engineering, economics, price action, memes, and more), learn about the latest announcements, events, and developments taking place in the BSV ecosystem, and find crucial resources that will help them in their business journey.

“I think the main goal of the discord channel for these first few weeks will be as a listening device, to identify areas of missing knowledge and doing our best to fill them. Higher quality feedback may come from this audience rather than the audiences in walled gardens who are less likely to give critical feedback given their mutual interest,” Kellenschwiler said.

“It will be a neutral ground to share what you know and improve your thinking by hearing what others have to say; having your understanding challenged productively by a wide variety of people with perhaps a different view of the technology and its implications,” he noted.

Why should I join Discord?

“Perhaps due to a lack of in-person meetings in the last two years and because we’ve been speaking with people in walled gardens for so long now, we’ve likely lost touch with what the public perception of the technology is. I suspect we need to understand what-people-don’t-understand a little better and the Discord will help us accomplish that,” Kellenschwiler remarked.

With a bigger pool of people, you will likely have more resources, productive conversations, better support, and conversations that will increase your knowledge and level your views. Now that BSV has a primary location for these discussions and debates, individuals and businesses will have an avenue to connect that could catalyze the progress we see being made in both individual businesses and BSV as a whole.

You can Join the official BSV Discord Channel by clicking here.

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