Ella Qiang: China has realized BSV is the only true Bitcoin project

YouTube video

The Bitcoin SV China Conference revealed just how strong the BSV community in China is. While it was the first BSV conference in the country, the attendants flocked the venue and filled it to the brim. Ella Qiang believes that this is testament to the great love that China has for Bitcoin. Qiang attended the event and in an interview with CoinGeek’s Stephanie Towers, she shared her views on what Bitcoin really means to the people of China.

Qiang, who is the founder of CambrianSV, stated, “I’m very impressed with the overall setup and the presentations for this event. The first official event put up by the Bitcoin Association [in China], and showcased the various Chinese applications that have been built on the Bitcoin SV chain.”

Indeed, developers in China have been busy building applications on BSV. They include ShowPay, a payment system that enables merchants to accept payments in BSV and other BSV-powered tokens. ShowPay was one of the breakout stars from the Bitcoin Association’s inaugural Pitch Day event in Seoul. Another standout application is Weiblock, a social media application built on the BSV blockchain that allows content creators to earn from their content.

The event also gave the audience the opportunity “to hear directly from Jimmy and Craig Wright in terms of the recent developments of Bitcoin SV and future plans,” she added.

China has in the past few decades established its place as a leader in technology, both with innovations and adoption. With Bitcoin, it was not any different. The people of China took to it early on, even before other Western countries. However, they have now come to realize that BSV is the only blockchain project that is delivering the Satoshi vision. This has led to a great exodus from other Bitcoin projects to BSV, Qiang shared.

She stated, “China has been having deep-rooted crowds for Bitcoin in general from the very beginning. A large portion of that community realized that Bitcoin SV’s big blocks is the true way to go for Bitcoin ecosystem. So, I think it’s quite natural that we have a sizable community for Bitcoin SV and I’ve seen the crowd has been growing over time as well.”

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