Elas Digital CoinGeek Live 2020 sponsor spotlight

Tons of development is taking place in the Bitcoin ecosystem as we speak. From enterprise applications to consumer-facing apps, there are a number of Bitcoin companies laying the foundation of the future.

One of these companies is Elas Digital. Founded by Brendan Lee and Mohammad Jaber, Elas Digital offers implementation and support services to companies looking to use the Metanet and Bitcoin-based tokens.

We had the chance to catch up with CEO Brendan Lee to learn more about Elas Digital, why Elas Digital chose to sponsor the upcoming CoinGeek Live conference, as well as the CG Live presentations he looks forward to.

For those who don’t know, what is Elas Digital?

Elas Digital was founded to act as an execution agent for a token ledger creation and management system I devised. We offer design and implementation services as well as deployment and long term operational support for platforms that use the Metanet and our tokens. We are growing very rapidly and are already having in-depth discussions with a number of very credible customers.

What inspired you and your team to create Elas Digital?

When I came up with the idea for the Elas token system I was compelled to create the company to build it. At the time I was looking for the next thing to do, and this idea just blew all other options out of the water. At the beginning there was no team, and I was working on this by myself; however, in the last couple of months I have begun the strategic addition of resources both internal to the company and as external contracted resources. My goal is to build systems that massively utilize Bitcoin’s efficient and scalable network to do things that simply weren’t possible before.

What are you and your team currently working on?

Elas is super busy right now developing a suite of back and front end software to support project deployments using our unique token system. We have multiple interested parties looking at our technology as a means to deploy their systems and have been working to ensure that we have everything they need to deploy what they need.

How do you envision your platform/service being used?

Elas’ token system is extremely simple at its base, blending the Metanet with what we believe is the simplest way to create and use tokens possible on Bitcoin. Thanks to this simplicity there is really no limit to the ways the technology can be applied. We are talking to partners and customers from a very wide array of industries including agriculture, big data, entertainment, asset management, gaming and payments as well as government and have kick-started development on several technology demonstrations showing how our system can be used to track real-world goods, manage elections and more. Our system is a general-purpose utility token which can be customized to almost any application so it’s really about what our customers need at this point.

What would you say are a few of the top/best use-cases for Elas Ledger and Satoshi Tokens?

It’s such a broadly applicable technology that this is a very hard question to answer, but for me, the one that I am personally pursuing as an internal customer of Elas is a new method of managing elections which sees the electoral roll and ballot papers created as Elas tokens and vastly improves aspects of voter privacy and the security and timeliness of producing an outcome. We hope to demonstrate this technology soon in an open and public way. We also see a very strong use case in government transformation through the migration of legacy systems away from paper-based systems to an open ledger-based system managed from a central point. This is one of the primary use cases for Elas Ledger technology.

Who is your platform/service the perfect fit for and why?

Our system is a perfect fit for anyone who needs to track the provenance of digital and physical items within their platform. We have yet to find a customer or application for whom or which this technology was not a good fit.

Where can people sign up for/experiment with Elas Digital’s offerings?

At this stage we don’t have a public platform with which people can come and interact with Elas tokens however we have built demonstration wallets and deployed tokens for strategic customers. Once our back-end systems have reached a beta stage we will roll out a simple means for people to come and experience the system for themselves. For now, we are very open to talking to people about their needs and can quickly produce simple but detailed overviews of how the technology can be applied to their application. This is more than just a token system, and as we start to reveal some of what we are doing it will become apparent that the tokens themselves are just a minor aspect of what we can do.

Why did Elas Digital decide to sponsor CoinGeek live?

As a startup founder, I know it can be difficult to broadcast our value proposition and so what better venue to do so than the largest Bitcoin conference in the world? To me, it was a no-brainer to sponsor this conference as some of the largest companies in the world will be in attendance, so for us it is definitely about exposure.

What is your favorite thing about CoinGeek conferences?

I love these conferences for the opportunity to network with like-minded people from all over the world. We are still so few in number (but growing) that it can be hard to have those great conversations about where things are going. I’m looking forward to trying out the remote/virtual meeting system being trialed here at CoinGeek Live and hope that it allows for a similar ‘free float’ through the crowd with those chance connections and conversations. They are always the best.

What are your must-see presentations at the three-day conference?

Anything with George Gilder and Craig, plus the several talks on banking, KYC, and services.

CG Live is the upcoming virtual CoinGeek conference that will take place from September 30th to October 2nd. For more information regarding the conference, the conference agenda, and how to sign up, head over to CoinGeekConference.com

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